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Verofarm has spat out analginum

the manufacturer has refused release of old preparations

the Company Verofarm an industrial active 36,6 almost has completely refused release dzhenerikov. All medicines known still from Soviet period bring these few profit, and thus their manufacture demands the big expenses. Following the results of nine months 2009 of sale Verofarma in a segment of traditional preparations were reduced to 77 %, and their share in total amount of sales has decreased to 2 %. In 2005 on their share the fifth part of sales had.

a portfolio dzhenerikov, including analginum, riboksin, aspirin, has got Verofarmu by right of succession - they were let out by three farmzavoda, located in Voronezh, Belgorod and Vladimir region, on which base a chemist`s network 36,6 in 1997 also has created the industrial division. To earn on these products it was difficult, and in 2003 the company declared new strategy of development which meant transfer of manufacture from traditional preparations on hi-tech products with the high added cost.

as a result new difficult retsepturnye preparations began to force out the traditional: if on the end of the third quarter 2009 a share dzhenerikov on sales Verofarma made 19,3 % by today it has fallen to 2 %. In the preliminary data declared yesterday for nine months 2009 it is said that the sales volume of traditional preparations in comparison with the similar period of last year has decreased on 77 % and has made 2,3 million dollars, in sale roubles have fallen to 68,1 %, to 77,3 million rbl.

Thus sales retsepturnyh preparations at the company grow even in the falling market. In roubles for nine months 2009 they have grown on 10,7 %, to 2,1 mlrd rbl. In dollars dynamics another: Falling has made 16,5 %, to 68,5 million dollars Thus a share retsepturnyh preparations in total amount of sales of finished goods Verofarma has grown to 70 %. In 2005 it made 44,3 %.

Growth of total receipts of the company in January - September, 2009 in comparison with the same period year before has made only 2,7 % in roubles, to 3,1 mlrd rbl. It is possible to expect that following the results of nine months the company will show serious increase in profitability, analyst IFK " speaks; finam Sergey Filchenkov: the Prize in a margin will be received as thanks to share increase retsepturnyh preparations which are the most profitable in a portfolio Verofarma and at the expense of reduction of expenses for the personnel which on this manufacture are essential, as, for example, traditional apmulnoe manufacture demands quality check manually .