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Hong Kong has caught a wave

boom IPO will strengthen its positions among the world financial centres

In Asia wave IPO accrues. Only as a result of placing of actions of three Chinese companies planned in the near future - China Minsheng Banking, Sands China and China Merchants Securities, and also leading Malaysian ­ cellular operator Maxis should be collected nearby 13,4 mlrd Analytics dollars notice that Hong Kong became one of the most demanded platforms again.

the large Asian companies, first of all Chinese, again even more often choose a trading platform of the former British enclave for listing. From four named above the companies two here will take place. The first private Chinese bank Minsheng which actions already bargain at the Shanghai stock exchange, in a course dopemissii in Hong Kong plans to collect 3,4 mlrd dollars Sands China, belonging to the owner of a gaming in Macao to billionaire Sheldonu Adelsonu, counts will receive nearby 4 mlrd dollars These are the greatest placings in Hong Kong since 2007 when the stock market began to fall against the beginning of credit crisis in the USA.

activity of investors in China surpasses all expectations of experts. The wave of placings has begun in June of this year when the Chinese regulator has removed a nine-monthly interdiction for carrying out IPO at country stock exchanges. As a result, according to Bloom­ berg, for last incomplete five months only on the Hong Kong platform the Chinese companies have collected 15,2 mlrd dollars (without Minsheng and Sands). It almost twice more than following the results of all 2008. Interest of investors to Hong Kong will continue to grow. Listing there should spend and Russian UC Rusal. Under the informal information, Oleg Deripaska`s company expects to involve to 3 mlrd dollars, having placed about 10 % of the actions.

Analysts explain heightened interest ­ to Hong Kong the general economic lifting in territory of continental China. Beijing within the limits of struggle against crisis zakachal in economy 586 mlrd dollars that has warmed up also stock market. Sharp economic growth and liquidity increase in economy of the Peoples Republic of China have considerably expanded possibilities and prospects for placings of the new companies as on share the market of Shanghai, and the next Hong Kong, has told daily economist Chatham House of Vanessa Rossi. “ Possibility of re-structuring of actives also is important stimulus. The part of the companies and investors want to carry out business reorganisation, to prepare it for development during a postcrisis epoch for world economy “ - has underlined g - zha Rossi.