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Richard Brensona`s state lotto

the British billionaire asks the price of company Camelot

the Founder of empire Virgin, businessman Richard Brenson is close to purchase of the National lottery of Great Britain. According to newspaper The Guardian, he is ready to buy company Camelot owning the rights to the largest British lottery. The transaction was estimated in 750 million dollars

For the first time by Brenson has paid attention to the National lottery 15 years ago. He even has created special operator People s Lottery which struggled with Camelot for the rights to game, but each time suffered failure. the impression is made that Camelot has obtained this licence for all life - has declared in a fit of temper g - n Brenson after the Lottery commission in the second time has given of the licence in charge its contender.

as a result the businessman has decided not to struggle with the competitor, and to buy it is the blessing shareholders of the operator have exposed 80 % of actions on sale. Camelot recently has prolonged the rights to a lottery to ten years, so now suitable time for purchase - quotes The Guardian a source familiar with a course of negotiations. The expert has estimated the lottery operator in 750 million dollars Camelot operates points of sales of lottery tickets in partnership with trading networks on all country.

for the sake of this transaction of Brenson has united at once with several investment funds. The British company Cinven which was already mentioned in a press as the possible buyer of the lottery operator will resist to them

. To supervise sale shareholders Camelot have entrusted banks Rothschild and Greenhill.

Interrogated daily experts put on Brensona. General director Coleago Consulting of Stefan Tseele, looks at the transaction with optimism: Camelot will win, if it will be bought by Brenson. Virgin - a strong brand, besides experts of the company perfectly understand consumer marketing .

Brenson always wanted to operate the National lottery so to it it is unimportant, how many it will spend millions for its purchase - considers Varvik Bartlett, the founder and the main partner of consulting company GBGC. Besides g - n Brenson already owns hazardous online - the business, one of the largest in Great Britain, the expert adds.

Camelot is engaged in lotteries, working out and start of gamblings. Among them the most known Lotto, Lotto HotPicks, Dream Number, Thunderball, Daily Play and EuroMillions. About 28 % of a gain from the sold tickets of the National lottery goes on charity, 50 % are paid to winners, 12 % go to a pocket of the state as taxes. The Rest is distributed between the operator and points of sales.