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Double earnings

Reynolds American will earn both on cigarettes, and on their substitutes

the American manufacturer of cigarettes Reynolds American Second for sales volumes (lets out cigarettes under marks Camel and Pall Mall) is ready to be engaged seriously in sale of means on struggle against smoking.

as informs The Wall Street Journal, the American tobacco giant carries on negotiations for acquisition of the Swedish company Niconovum making a chewing gum and sprays, containing nicotine. These products allow kurilshikam to receive regularly necessary doses of nicotine, having refused inhalation of a cigarette smoke. In case of successful end of the transaction which volume is estimated in 30 million euro, tabakozameniteli should meet with still approval of the American management on control of foodstuff and medical products.

The American tobacco companies are engaged for a long time farmbiznesom, however Reynolds becomes the first, selling means on struggle against smoking. Purchase Swedish Niconovum will allow Reynolds to compensate falling of sales of tobacco in the USA. Since 1998 they decrease on the average on 2 % a year. Toughening of an interdiction for smoking in public places considerably affects sales: by estimations Fitch Ratings, in 2009 demand falling will make in the USA from 5 to 7 %.

“ Reynolds it is focused on the American ญ market where it became very difficult to work and it is almost impossible to develop. Nevertheless at the tobacco companies on - former from which it is necessary where - that to invest quite good profits, means, therefore purchase of the pharmaceutical enterprise is the good bargain for Reynolds “ - the editor-in-chief of branch agency " has explained daily; Russian tobacco “ Maxim Korolev.

In most Reynolds American to make comments on negotiations ญ about purchase Niconovum flatly have refused.

Sweden has removed state monopoly for drugstores

the Government of Sweden has sold by auction a part of the state ญญ network of drugstores Apoteket, having removed thereby monopoly in this branch. Following the results of the auctions it has been sold 466 of 916 drugstores for a total sum 5,9 mlrd crones (844,5 million dollars). The Swedish firms Segulah, Altor consortium Priveq Investment and Investor, and also the Finnish network Oriola - KD Oyj became buyers. In the future the government of Sweden plans to sell by auction 150 more drugstores. Daily chemist`s network serves to 315 thousand persons.