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With contempt for a practicality

Porsche announced Boxster Spyder

In December on the international motor show in Los - Porsche company presents Andzhelese to wide public Boxster Spyder. Affirms that this sport car is most easy and fast among all when - or issued Porsches. Having srednemotornuju configuration, the novelty is deprived a roof that has given the chance to engineers to lower considerably the centre of gravity and to put in small avtomobilchik a considerable dose of the concentrated drive.

the new car is the assignee of the first Porsche 550 Spyder constructed in 1953 and intended both for a ring auto racing, and for movement on public roads. Then 550 Spyder carried out a role of a beacon which has drawn attention of many fans of motor racing. Now, when the company is firmly established, its experts in marketing have decided to remind of nice achievements of the past.

Boxster Spyder, as well as the overwhelming majority of cars of Porsche, it is similar to itself. If not on - to the the ingenious decision of a roof, a sport car hardly it would strongly be allocated among the others odnoplemennikov. Engineers of the company for simplification of a design have absolutely refused rigid demountable top, and instead of it offer only a shaky coverlet made of cloth which keeps on several small latches. To go by the big speeds with it it is impossible, therefore as the roof strives to jump out of backlashes and to depart under the pressure of a wind to a windshield following behind the car. It is intended only for perezhidanija a rain on a roadside and for protection of salon during a night parking.

true sense Boxster Spyder consists in absence of everyone, even the minimum practicality. To move by such car it is necessary absolutely without top, having opened itself to the hot midday sun. Behind for two passengers two eminences in which air inlets, as at " are hidden are located; Formulas - 1 and also the arches of safety preventing travmirovanie the driver and the passenger during overturning. From - for refusal of a roof the car centre of gravity is as much as possible low that promises quite good stability in turns.

under cowl Boxster Spyder has taken place oppozitnyj 3,4 - the litre six-cylinder petrol engine developing capacity of 320 l. With. The power unit works together with seven-step robotised transmission PDK with two couplings, different instant switching and working without rupture of a stream of capacity. Thanks to this tandem the car is dispersed to 100 km/ ch for 4,8 with. The maximum speed makes 267 km/ ch. Fuel profitability too at height. In combined cycle Boxster Spyder consumes 9,3 l of gasoline on one hundred .

The Beginning of sales of the car is planned for February of next year. In Europe it will be realised at the price from 63 thousand euro.