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the Test - Lexus RX450h drive

Thanks to the profitability cars with hybrid engines gradually start to win popularity and in Russia, however which - what biases nevertheless remain with our motorists. In a course the test - a drive the snow-white handsome man of Lexus RX450h has proved to be with nai ­ the best party also has dispelled all stereotypes.

the basic attention has been decided to give to the motor and sensations from driving as appearance new RX450h has undergone few changes - the same recognised style, the same smooth, roundish forms, the same dimensions. Attracts attention unless the modifed extended door which on an idea of designers has been designed so that at landing in a car not to spoil trousers. Considering that such problem rises before the Russian drivers already in the end of autumn, tuning this is certainly useful.

Also from pleasant trifles it is necessary to note salon slightly modified under Europeans and completely Russified interface. So now to understand subtleties of navigating system, acoustics and other options drivers, at which English " can also; with the dictionary . The projection of the instrument panel to a windshield which allows the driver to concentrate on road completely impresses also.

conveniently having arranged on new wide European seats, we have set out. Our snow-white handsome man RX450h has been equipped by the petrol engine 2GR - FE in working volume 3,5 l and capacity 277 horsies and also besstupenchatym variator Multidrive. At the maximum declared speed of 200 km/ ch dispersal from 0 to hundreds the car carries out for not too impressing 7,9 with. But very quickly speeds up in a range with 60 to 120 km/ ch. Anyway, slow it precisely you will not name. On the contrary, in a city cycle in manoeuvrability RX450h even surpasses expectations.

it has not brought us and on a country line, having shown good dynamics, stability and passableness. Independent before ­ njaja and back suspension brackets RX450h with stabilizers of cross-section stability quite approach for the Russian roads.

the special attention is deserved by acoustics in RX450h. And business not only in high-quality audiosystem Mark Levinson with 15 dinamikami, but also and in special design of the bottom of the car designed for the maximum noise isolation.

certainly, rather impresses fuel consumption RX450h. In the mixed cycle it makes only 6,3 l on 100 km that first hardly corresponds with dimensions and a car class. However the fact remains - the hybrid luxe-class crossover has appeared less gluttonous, than a usual midget car. The price in the Moscow salons on Lexus RX450h fluctuates in a range of 2,72-3,045 million rbl. depending on a complete set.