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Crisis has frightened automobile owners

of Kasko the Share of automobile owners which voluntary insured cars on kasko becomes more popular

, in the first half of the year 2009 has increased to 75 % - the data of quarterly research of company Profi Online Research testifies to it Monitoring of the insurance market. The insurance companies . The volume of deductions on kasko as experts mark, in connection with crisis was reduced.

in Profi Online Research notice that from all who made out policies kasko in the first half of the year, only the quarter did it on conditions of the credit contract (at car purchase on credit program payment kasko is an indispensable condition for the borrower). The overwhelming majority (75 %) bought the insurance policy kasko on own will.

the head of a direction of ratings of the insurance companies Expert RA Alexey Yanin says that crisis just promoted increase in a share of voluntary insurance kasko as the number of autocredits was reduced. Thus he notices that if for first six months of last year of deduction on kasko have made more than 81,5 mlrd rbl., in the first half of the year 2009 - only 68,3 mlrd rbl.

According to a deputy head of management anderrajtinga the companies Alpha insurance Ilya Grigoriev, for the first half of the year 2009 the market of voluntary autoinsurance was reduced to 18 %, and the general falling this year is predicted at level of 25 % in comparison with last year. However, as he said, this falling has mentioned insurers is disproportionate - the share of the market at leaders grows.