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the Southern stream the Austrian chancellor fills in the Alpes

has arrived to Moscow to discuss a gas pipeline

To Russia there has arrived with two-day visit the Austrian chancellor Verner Fajman: yesterday it has met president Dmitry Medvedev, and today will carry on negotiations with prime minister Vladimir Putin. The main theme of its Moscow meetings - power, namely participation of Austria in the project of transportation of the Russian gas the Southern stream . According to experts, problems with the basic consent of Vienna should not be - a question only in details.

Dmitry Medvedev`s meeting with Verner Fajmanom has passed literally after yesterday`s : the day before they together participated in celebrations on the occasion of the twentieth anniversary of falling of the Berlin wall. as it is accepted to speak at us, we practically did not leave - Dmitry Medvedev has told, and g - n Fajman was glad that in Berlin they could get acquainted at last. Much connects us, but main is a power supply - Verner Fajman has fairly outlined the agenda. And in the Kremlin on the eve of visit did not hide that the power will be the main theme of negotiations first of all. The meeting has passed in the closed mode, on - visible, the Austrian chancellor will tell about results of the visit today, after a meeting with the Russian colleague.

Austria - last country, whose participation in the Southern stream it was initially planned, but which yet has not given the official consent - the director of Fund of national power safety Konstantin Simonov speaks. In the general opinion of experts, visit g - on Fajmana is connected by that in October Turkey has given OK to passage the Southern stream in the maritime belt and now many potential transit countries are afraid to remain without a pipe .

Thus the Austrians would like, that in their country the regional distribution centre of northern branch of a gas pipeline for which Italians " apply also has been constructed; - the analyst of the Center of a political conjuncture Dmitry Abzalov explains. Whoever was in power in Austria: socialists, conservatives or the so-called big coalition, Vienna traditionally is for Moscow one of the most convenient partners in Europe, the vice-president of the Center of political technologies Alexey Makarkin marks.