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Untouchable veshchdoki

it becomes more difficult to agents of national security to realise or destroy the withdrawn goods

to put an end in infinite disputes between the state and business concerning withdrawn counterfeit production and other material evidences deputies of the State Duma undertook. The Duma committee on the legislation recommended to parliament to accept in the second reading a package of amendments in Criminally - the remedial code, procedures of withdrawal concerning regulation, storage and realisation of material evidences. In particular, the document forbids to destroy veshchdoki without the consent to that their owner.

as the reason of occurrence of the amendment the scandal story with withdrawal at the company " has served; the Euronetwork cellular telephones for the sum more than 19 million dollars which has occurred in the spring of 2006. Agents of national security then have accused the company of deliveries to Russia counterfeit production - phones Motorola. the Euronetwork And Motorola have expressed doubts in legitimacy of actions of law enforcement bodies. However explanations and has not arrived, and the most part of phones has been ostensibly destroyed.

now the similar behaviour of agents of national security will be inadmissible. Law enforcement bodies will force to consult to owners concerning destruction veshchdokov which concerns and withdrawn counterfeit production. in a case if the owner of material evidences does not give the consent to their realisation or destruction such decision is accepted by court under the petition of the inspector with the consent of the head of investigatory body or the investigator with the consent of the public prosecutor - the first vice-president of the Duma committee on the legislation, one of authors of amendments Vladimir Gruzdev has declared daily.

According to the deputy, norm introduction about presence of the obligatory consent of the owner of material evidences will allow to exclude abusing from law enforcement bodies, and also to protect property rights of citizens.

the president Euronetworks Alexander Malis so has commented on the bill: As far as I know, the problem of withdrawal and the subsequent resale ostensibly the illicit goods on - former costs very sharply. Party of phones Motorola which have withdrawn at Euronetworks also have ostensibly destroyed, a drop in the sea. Just now similar problems face small ritejlery in the regions, not possessing sufficient resources to resist to wrongful actions of agents of national security .