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I the revolutionary, instead of the politician

interview with eks - the president of Poland Lehom Valensoj

Eks - the leader of legendary trade union Solidarity the former president of Poland and the Nobel winner of LEH VALENSA became one of key figures of the celebration devoted 20 - letiju falling of the Berlin wall. From his hand the symbolical wall from huge dominoes has fallen, and on Tuesday at the Summit of the Nobel winners of the world he has declared that the world again needs changes. That the person who has loosened when - that sotslager has conceived, he was asked by MILENA BAHVALOVA.

- the Polish politicians offer your nominee on a post of the president of the European Union. You are ready to hold this post?

- I do not feel competent enough for this work. I the revolutionary, instead of the politician. And this post demands regular and strategic work. Besides the person who will rise at the head of the European Union, should know at least three languages: English, French and German. I only on - russki understand a little.

- however in the autumn you have declared that want to return to a big-times politics and to create new party. Whether it means, what revolutionary changes are necessary to modern Poland?

- In front of Poland today there are huge questions, on which present politicians cannot give the answer. However, it concerns not only my country. The new epoch demands new structures: first of all it is necessary to correct economy and democracy. The adequate economic system is necessary to the modern European Union. Present capitalism does not correspond to these inquiries. Present that all will be compelled to declare the property and to make it openly. Workers will be dissatisfied, having learnt that almost all riches belong at most 10 % of people. I understand that now not an epoch of revolutions, but I think that the people with sympathy will concern demagogues who will demand newer section of the property. I am assured that this economic device will be soon destroyed, at least in this century.

- the socialism has a new chance?

- Is not present, we should find the third way. To take something from a socialism, and something from capitalism, but in its moderate version. And it is not less important to create present, a genuine democracy. Even now position of the person in a society is defined by, whether it belongs to the necessary party. Such division is inadmissible. Unique distinction between people should be defined by that, right they or left. Right - believing in God and supporting a private property, or left - the atheists who are standing up for state ownership. This position will be enough. I spoke about it still 20 years ago, but me have not heard.

- now will hear?

- I know only that now there is a good chance to construct a new society. Unfortunately, I do not see in the present policy of the strong leaders, capable it to make. Politicians again want to solve all on - to the. But on an example of falling of the Berlin wall we know that it not always is possible to them. Gorbachev remembers that some months prior to this event they with Helmut Kollem have been assured that the wall will be destroyed in the XXI-st century. But the German nation has corrected politicians. If we do not take lessons the people again can introduce the corrective amendments.

- by the way, acting on the Berlin television on November, 9th, you have told that do not understand, why wall falling is presented as Gorbachev`s merit...

- Yes, I do not understand, for what he so is thanked by Germans. Not Gorbachev has destroyed a wall. By that moment it any more did not have other choice.

- then, maybe, and the Nobel Prize of the world to it a distance nezasluzhenno?

- It has deservedly received the world Award. But not that has made, and that has not made. That has not rescued communism, Soviet Union has not rescued, has not rescued the Warsaw contract. Whether is it in that case the traitor of communistic ideas? Ask it. He will tell that is not present. He tried to repair knocking system. And deeply believed that it was possible. But it did not have my experience: by then I already knew what to repair, reform this system it is already impossible. I think, it was not treachery, and naivety. And it is good that it has departed in time aside.

- let`s look again in the future. Russia and Poland can have normal relations. The USA declared reboot in relations with our country, and Poland as though continues to live in realities cold war .

- Both Russia, and Poland now endure reforms, they should solve variety of problems - in these conditions really difficultly to carry on dialogue. But the situation in our countries is gradually normalised, and then there will be a possibility for positive relations.

Leh Valensa was born on September, 29th, 1943 in the village Popovo located in the centre of Poland. The electrician, the son of the carpenter. In 1980 has created on the Gdansk shipyard trade union Solidarity which became the first free trade union in the countries of socialist camp. The vigorous activity Solidarity initiated by it in 1980-1981 of strike have led to that in the end of 1981 general Vojtseh heading Poland Jaruzelsky declared Solidarity out of the law, and Valensa for a year has been deprived of freedom. The Nobel prize winner of the world of 1983.
in 1990-1995 - the president of Poland. After a victory on Alexander Kvasnevsky`s elections has returned the electrician on the Gdansk shipyard. In 2006 for the first time for many long years Leh Valensa declared intention to return to a policy.