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The garbage partnership

Petersburg declares the first not transport GCHP

Today the city government declares competition on building musoropererabatyvajushchego factory capacity of 350 million t in a year. This project the first not transport it becomes state - private partnership (GCHP) in Petersburg. Contract GCHP will be concluded for 25 years, and investments into the project can reach 200 million euro. Holding TelDaFax can become the potential investor of the project, experts speak.

the factory should be constructed in settlement Janino of Leningrad region, at the border with a city. The winner who will acquire the right to sign contract GCHP for a period of 25 years and to receive 8 hectares of the earth in rent, should construct factory the minimum capacity of 350 thousand t in a year. The building, which cost will vary from 120 million to 200 million euro depending on the chosen technology, will be carried out at the expense of the investor. Budgetary funds will not be spent for factory building. The profit of the investor will be formed at the expense of the tariff established by a city, and also at the expense of made energy. The city will give guarantees, in particular, on garbage volume. The competitive documentation was developed by legal company DLA Piper by request of committee on investments and strategic projects (KISP). The former partner DLA Piper Alexey Chichkanov has headed recently KISP.

It is impossible to tell that the rate becomes on the foreign investor, however abroad technologies musoropererabotki are considerably more developed. For a city it is important to find the partner which would have not simply patented technology answering to the European and domestic ecological norms, but also operating experience of such factory - have informed in KISP. Competitive demands will be sounded by Smolnym in the end of winter of 2010, and financial closing of the transaction is supposed till the end of next year. Show interest to the project can German - avstrijsko - the Swiss holding TelDaFax and one more German consortium, tells a source with Smolnom. To Contact representatives TelDaFax yesterday it was not possible.

as One of variants of the technological decision was called thermal processing of a waste. rubbish-burning technology very expensive. Its our tariffs can simply not sustain. I hope, it will manage to be avoided - the adviser of the governor of St.-Petersburg tells Junis Lukmanov. In its opinion competition specifications can change and thermal processing can be changed to other.

in St.-Petersburg already there are two musoropererabatyvajushchih factory. In particular, one of them - the mechanised factory on processing of a household waste (MPBO - 2), settles down in the neighbourhood with a site on which the new factory will be constructed. Another, MPBO - 1, is located in settlement Gorelovo. According to mass-media, the city prepares one more site in the north of St.-Petersburg in settlement Novoselki. In case of the successful beginning of realisation of the project in Janino the city also will expose this site on competition in 1-1,5 years.

earlier it was informed on one civil-engineering design of factory on garbage processing on Okhta. The Swedish investment company Arcona and the Arabian building consortium Al Manhal International Group AI Manhal International Group (AMIG) suggested to construct factory on one of three ground areas in industrial zones on the right coast of Neva in industrial quarters. To receive comments on a course of realisation of these projects in housing committee of administration of St.-Petersburg it was not possible.