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Russia has overcome Swedes on Kubke Karjala

Russian national team on hockey has won the second victory on the Cup of Karjala. This time our hockey players have surpassed a command of Sweden, having beaten that with the account 4:1.
the First goal has been hammered into gate of the contender already on 6 - j to minute, when Sergey   Zinovev has opened the account. However, Swedes in two minutes have restored the balance lasting also is short. Danis Zaripov in second half first the period has deduced again the command forward.
two More washers have been hammered in a finishing piece of game. At first the author of the first washer has strengthened advantage of our national team, and then Sergey Mozjakin at game in minority has put a definitive end in a match from transfer Sushinsky.
we Will remind, in the first round of competition our command has surpassed Finns, having managed to recoup at first from the account 0:3, and then to make solving throw in a series bullitov. Thus, the Russian national team is in the lead after two rounds. Also we will notice that the first stage of euroround remained for Czechs who have won on the Czech games whereas Russians remained the second.
Helsinki, Finland. Euroround. The second stage. A cup of Karjala. 2 - j round
Russia - Sweden - 4:1 (2:1, 0:0, 2:0)
Washers: Zinovev, 6, 42, Zaripov, 12, Mozjakin, 45 -   Ternberg, 8
Finland - Czechia - 2:1 (1:1, 0:0, 1:0)
Washers:   Mjaenpja, 9,   Salmelajnen, 45 - Bednarzh, 1
1. Russia - 5 points
2. Finland - 4
3. Sweden - 3
4. Czechia - 0