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M.Anisin: I have got a draught and I will cut truth

the Moscow hockey club the Dynamo has refused services of forward Michael Anisina after the attacking has put the ultimatum with the requirement to exchange it in other club. - sports results comments of the different parties on this conflict.
the general director the Dynamo Andrey Safronov has commented on this situation. I have arrived on command photographing - and Michael there was not. Before to it the sports director and the head coach of a command have told: Mish, after a trauma play to steam of matches for Balashikha. At a command now days off, and there you will be restored... what have they heard in the answer? in any farm - club I will not go a floor-mat - a refloor-mat. Also was gone. All. God to it the judge. Whether someone can get from outside Anisina? I think, this car has an ignition key - Safronov " has told; Sports - the Express train .
Anisin who at all did not hear that the club has made decision to refuse from its services, tries to come out from this history the winner. I want to thank dinamovskih fans. They do not participate in all these intrigues. It is clear that someone will understand, and someone is not present. To everyone the. But I am ready to meet all dinamovskimi fans and to talk confidentially. I want, that all have understood that in this situation I am completely right. In due time wanted to return in the Hero because promised, but to make it to me have not given. Then I was silent, as to me spoke in the Dynamo in particular, in a press - service, but now to do it any more I will not be. My mother Don kazachka and I on a quarter the Cossack. So now has got a draught and I will cut truth - gives of a word of Anisina Sportbox.
From interested parties this situation was commented also by the father attacking Vyacheslav. for what suppurate in a stock 24 - the summer hockey player? Here present that I am a head coach. Also there is at us such magnificent player - Alexander Ovechkin. Believe, what at desire I in two weeks will make of it a stuffed animal garden? Simply I will not give it game time. I will stick into each error. And on correct things I will close eyes. I will start to drive a continuous negative. In two weeks Ovechkin or will leave the team, or on a head to me will bang. Michael asked to be silent half a year. He kept a word. Now the guy in the excellent form. I checked. I think, on physical readiness it will be one of the best in the Dynamo . And for this purpose it is not necessary to run circles on 800 metres, as on gathering in Pinsk. So in Ethiopia run! - quotes Anisina - the senior the Soviet sports .
Have reacted to this situation and fans the Dynamo to justify before which Anisin has gathered. Last statements in a press, we hope, already were, attacking Moscow the Dynamo Michael Anisina could not leave us indifferent. In the spring of 2012 the forward became opening KHL, having brought the notable contribution to a victory the Dynamo in Gagarin`s Cup. Fans worshipped it, said that at last - that Misha has found the command. But after that the best sniper plej - off has frankly disappointed. Instead of normally training, preparing for the hardest season on the same level with all hockey players and to prove the right into place in a line-up, Anisin as it has appeared, has beared malice against our Great Club. On Club thanks to which his name became known to the public, on the Club which part it became. We, fans HK the Dynamo Moscow, we are proud of the club and we will not allow anybody to discredit its honour and advantage. Therefore we are ready to support any, even the most rigid, the decision of a management of club concerning the hockey player, and to Michael Anisinu we want to answer with a known saying: Do not spit in a well, will take off - you will not catch - it is told in an official statement of fans.