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F.Espozito: the Favourite of the Olympic Games - the USA

Alexander Shapiro
One of the strongest players of world hockey, the best player of Canadian national team in legendary Supeserii - 1972 Fil Espozito has shared the opinion on Russia and KHL, about lock-out in NHL and about the one whom considers as the favourite of the forthcoming Olympic Games.
under the invitation of friends the well-known Canadian has arrived to St.-Petersburg where has taken part in the international forum Arctic regions: the present and the future .
- For last year it already the third my arrival to Russia, - has begun conversation of Espozito. - Besides St.-Petersburg was in Moscow and Donetsk. Invited to Omsk, I know that it is very hockey city, but, unfortunately, it has not turned out to fly. St.-Petersburg - one of the most beautiful cities of the world. I like to happen here and when my good friend Sergey Egors has called and has invited to arrive on tournament, I have agreed with pleasure.
- Earlier you repeatedly negatively expressed our country, and now from your lips the positive is audible only.
- now absolutely other time. Your country has very strongly changed to the best. I have understood it in the previous arrival in September. We with the spouse walked across Moscow, St.-Petersburg, Donetsk, have visited many historical places, museums, have visited at many excursions, have been admired by Red Square, the Hermitage.
- the second year passes the international tournament in St.-Petersburg with participation of eight countries of the Arctic council successively. Your presence, and also legends of domestic hockey of Vladislav Tretjaka, Boris Mihajlova and Vladimir Petrov gives to tournament the status of world value.
- it is very pleasant that in Russia there are people who develop both amateur and children`s hockey. Tournament has obtained a high recognition of a management. The governor of St.-Petersburg George Poltavchenko in the salutatory word has told big words to organizers and is assured that every year tournament will be more interesting.
- at a briefing before opening of tournament you have told that if hardly were younger - would play.
- And why also is not present? For me hockey is life. And to leave on ice in such tournament very much even it would be pleasant.
- the Russian fans your opinion on lock-out which, on hearings, here - here should come to the end interests.
- I am disappointed. I think that if I was operating player - would make everything that lock-out has come to the end as soon as possible. In Canada - hockey a favourite sport and now the people was deprived by shows.
- considering your authority behind ocean (18 seasons in NHL), can, it would be necessary to you to participate in negotiations and to convince a management of NHL and association of players at last - that to place all points over i ?
- To tell the truth, the theme of lock-out even is unpleasant to me. Now players earn millions, in due time our generation even could not dream of it. If you my opinion - I interests for that NHL championship has renewed. I will not understand, how in such powerful league which already almost 100 years, in general can be disagreements.
- in Russia will be strongly upset, if KHL idols of millions fans - Kovalchuk, Ovechkin, Malkin, Datsyuk leave.
- I understand. Actually, I am surprised that from KHL others have not arrived NHL stars - Stemkos, Crosby, Lekavale.
- to Whom on a hand on the threshold of the Olympic Games present lock-out - to Russians or Canadians?
- I Think that from lock-out any of the parties will not win. The main winners - the Russian fans, and lost - their transatlantic colleagues.
- During your stay in St.-Petersburg one of favourites of championship KHL - SKA - led house matches with Atlantom and a Torpedo . Whether It was possible to look at them?
- I Know that in St.-Petersburg very much love hockey and when I have seen the overflowed tribunes Ice all it has reminded me NHL matches. In a city on Neva convenient modern stadium, at soldiers excellent support of fans. Arrival in SKA Ilya Kovalchuka has added even more agiotage in a city. In such atmosphere to look behind hockey - it is a pleasure.
- Know, what recently when SKA left in leaders KHL, the head coach of this club - Milosh Rzhiga has been dismissed?
- yes. And in NHL such on my memory happened. Hockey is a business. If it is not pleasant to a management as the command plays - to dismiss one person easier, than 23 (laughs).
- In Russia dream of a victory on the Olympic Games in Sochi. And in your opinion, who has more than chances - at Russians or Canadians?
- I consider as the favourite of the USA (laughs).