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Week KHL: the lock-out Termination, departure of stars and ingenious bullit Datsyuk

Vasily Oskolkov
In NHL comes to the end lock-out, the best hockey players come back for ocean and call into question into the Match of all stars KHL, SKA spends the most expensive photosession, Michael Anisin passes in Severstal and Pavel Datsyuk at parting executes ingenious bullit. - Sports represents the review of two last weeks KHL.
1. Lock-out in NHL is finished
on January, 6th Trade union of players and NHL have reached the preliminary arrangement on the lock-out termination. Under the informal information, term of the new collective agreement will make ten years. Thus after eight years at will of the parties it can be stopped. The ceiling of salaries is lowered with 70 to 64 million dollars. The maximum term of contracts - eight years in case of its conclusion with present club of the player, and seven - with new. The difference in the salary between seasons should not exceed 35 percent, and the sum for last year the contract to be below 50 percent from maximum. Besides, clubs can redeem on two contracts which will not be considered under a ceiling of salaries.
lock-out has lasted 113 days. It is expected that the season in NHL will begin not earlier than January, 15th, and commands will play only in the conferences on 48 or 50 matches. The Russian and foreign stars were on the sly pulled on the West. Without NHLovtsev already remains Moscow the Dynamo a Torpedo the Lion and Ak the Leopard . Any day should return for ocean Vladimir Tarasenko, Sergey Bobrovsky and Ilya Kovalchuk. However not all so is simple.
2. In NHL are afraid that a number of hockey players will not want to come back
Avtoritetnejshy hockey expert TSN Bob Makkenzi has declared that two Russian hockey players will not return to NHL. Nevertheless, for a pair of clocks after this news KHL almost all Russian players have left. The defender " became the only thing who has not wanted to come back in the USA; Slovana Ljubomir Vishnevski who more recently complained of a brothel to Russia and local judges.
the Slovak can be understood. To it already 36 - age when it would be desirable to stay houses with a family. Especially last summer he demanded to recognise an illegal exchange from Anaheim in Ajlenders . In general to go on Long Ajlend it never burnt with the desire. But, in - the first, at Vishnevski the operating contract with New York till the end of a season. In - the second, at NHL and KHL the arrangement on respect of operating contracts. In - the third, IIHF very much does not love people who do not carry out the signed.
3. Soon last day exchanges in KHL
promises to make the lock-out Termination last day exchanges KHL (on January, 15th) very hot. Commands on which departure NHLovtsev has struck most of all should become the main characters. Magnitogorsk with leaving of Kulemina, Malkin and the Potter has lost almost all people doing result. SKA remained with one goalkeeper and has lost the first link. The leading three has broken up and in CSKA.
perhaps, the main suppliers of players become Kuznja the Cupid the Hero and Atlant . Other commands out of a zone plej - off or have real chances of hit in the eight, or from them there is simply nobody to take. From last hearings - interest to the forward Atlanta to Nikolay Zherdev from outside Ak the Leopard .
4. What will be with the Match of all Stars?
On the Match of all Stars 15 persons from NHL have got. If in a command of the East from 17 hockey players such only five, in the West a parity 10/ 17. The season behind ocean will begin not earlier than January, 15th, star uik - end will pass 12 - 13 numbers, KHL asked all children to be, but is already clear that nobody will respond to the request. Behind ocean here - here should open training camp, and heads of clubs of NHL will not manage to be convinced that the holiday in other league is more important, than preparation for a season.
the councillor of directors KHL Valery Kamensky has told that at KHL there are reserve structures, but it turns out that a choice fans of the first pjaterok and expectations of the most star uik - enda in the history of league were vain.
5. Chris Letanga`s contract with SKA
SKA has signed on January, 4th the contract with the best defender Pittsburgh Chris Letangom, and in three days the hockey player has returned to the USA. All anything, but say that the Canadian has received a solid subscription bonus - some hundreds thousand dollars. If it is valid so SKA has spent one of the most expensive photosessions in the history of the world.
6. KHL has redeemed the rights to Michael Anisina
Michael Anisin who has sworn with Moscow the Dynamo also remained owe to club of 22 million roubles, has passed in Severstal to Andrey Nazarov. Career of the hockey player was rescued by league which has redeemed its contract. It is remarkable that others wishing to spend such money for Anisina was not.
in Cherepovets Michael took 99 - j number and has already led one match. For 19 minutes of game time the forward was noted only by a minus for utility.
7. As a swan song of lock-out
End of lock-out Pavel Datsyuk has noted Bullit Pavel Datsyuk next ingenious bullitom in a match with the Tractor . Unfortunately, in the near future similar we can look at something only in NHL or Matches of stars.
Superbullit Pavel Datsyuk. VIDEO.