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Who will be the first - SKA or the Tractor ?

Alexander Shapiro

In regular championship KHL there has come last pause. The majority of clubs have at present spent on 48 matches, and it means that before the termination of a distance they needed to spend on 6 meetings.

looking at tables of both conferences the West and the East we see that already actually there is no struggle for the eighth places granting the right to jump on last step plej - off . Hardly Moscow spartakovtsam it will be possible to catch up with the old opponent and the worst enemy of CSKA, no less than Novokuznetsk to the Metallurgist the recent beginner JUgru from Hunts - Mansijska. A unique difference that on the lost points rupture between commands on the West it is slightly less.

But nevertheless, despite present position of CSKA when it is red - dark blue fairly is in a fever, they hardly will give an eighth place taken by them. The command of Juliusa Shuplera has won for last month all 4 matches against the competitors - Spartaka and going the seventh Riga the Dynamo and at the same time has managed to lose to such obvious outsiders, as the Hero and the Lion . And a goal hammered by the forward the Hero Evgenie Timkinym has headed a hit - parade of the most beautiful washers of week.

by the way, about CSKA. Surprisingly, but the fact: a command, having received the powerful sponsor, - the company Rosneft -   instantly has faded into the background . Club management instead of carrying on negotiations with new players and to strengthen a command on the threshold of plej - off, was engaged in another matters any absolutely. Surprisingly, but till now it was not accepted a new management of legendary club of any serious decision. It is remembered, when Rosneft took a command, said even that before soldiers there will be a problem during the nearest three seasons to win Gagarin`s Cup. Fans of CSKA having heard similar, at last - that have sighed, having assumed that work in club will begin to boil also their favorite team will start to fill up megastars of level of Radulova or Morozova. Recently about the first have started talking, as if the club with it carries on negotiations, however, all it while remains words.  

on the West the present fight for places from the fourth on the sixth has burst. To the third, most likely, becomes Moscow the Dynamo once again having proved, what exactly is white - blue are the strongest club of capital region and in this season. I believe that further commands will settle down in the table in the following sequence: Atlant Severstal Minsk the Dynamo . Their Riga clubmates hardly will miss the seventh place therefore as on the lost points they advance CSKA on 6 points, and from forthcoming 6 matches they should play three house meetings with not the strongest contenders - Siberia Novokuznetsk the Metallurgist and the Cupid . And rizhane in any way do not want to get in plej - off on the main favourite the West - Petersburg SKA.

By the way, still recently advantage SKA from Moscow the Dynamo made two-place number, but a number of failures pitertsev have allowed Muscovites to come nearer almost closely. At present the separation of only 6 points that, truth, on such short distance does not recoup.

already now it is possible to tell with confidence that the winner the East becomes Chelyabinsk the Tractor . Valery Belousova`s advantage of the team of doubts does not cause. 11 points from going the second in Kharlamov`s battalion and the third on the East Magnitogorsk the Metallurgist by the way, the former club Belousova, gives possibilities easy to finish the regular championship and to be prepared for a solving stage. If on the West capital the Dynamo for certain will be the third, on the East for this position fight Magnitogorsk and Ak the Leopard . I believe that their struggle will be conducted before last round. Places in second half of cup eight the East also will definitively be distributed in final day of the regular championship, - very much commands go dense group.

nevertheless as the main intrigue of a final piece I consider struggle between SKA and the Tractor for a rank of the best club of the regular championship. Having looked at forthcoming matches it is possible to draw a conclusion that chances of a victory at soldiers it is better. Well, we will look, it is necessary to wait not for long.