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Soldiers have beaten out to the Harmony from Gagarin`s Cup

Capital soldiers have beaten on the ice Tolyatti to the Harmony in a solving fifth duel 1/ Gagarin`s 8 cup-finals. Thus, last participant of a quarterfinal was defined, in which CSKA will play with Moscow the Dynamo .
the Meeting, as well as previous four, has passed in the intense struggle, each error threatened to become fatal. Visitors have admitted one of them in an ending of the first period when remained three together against five soldiers. Denis Kuljash firm click has punished volzhan for infringements of rules. In second third Evgenie Ketovu exclusive on accuracy kistevym a throw managed to restore balance.
the meeting outcome has been predetermined last minute before the second break. At first to soldiers after shining trehhodovki Epanchintsev - Simakov - Saprykin was possible to realise again the majority, and in 20 seconds Anton But from brushes in the third time has afflicted with a throw Vasily Koshechkina. Before the third period the instructor of visitors has replaced the goalkeeper, having let out on Sergey Ogureshnikova`s platform to which managed to keep the gate in inviolability. However and to its partners have not managed to punch any more Jussi Markkanena.
Now it is red - dark blue expects chetvertfinalnoe opposition with fellow countrymen from the Dynamo . The first match of a series will take place, on Tuesday, on March, 10th.
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KHL. Plej - off. 1/ 8 endings. The fifth match

CSKA (Moscow) - the Harmony (Tolyatti) - 3:1
(1:0, 2:1, 0:0)
Washers: Kuljash, 18,   Saprykin, 40,   But, 40 - Ketov, 31
the Account in a series: 3 - 2