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Russia remained without goalkeepers

All three Russian goalkeepers, supporting ocean will not go as a part of Russian national team on the World championship to Canada. The goalkeeper Phoenix Ilya Bryzgalov has told about the reasons of the refusal to support Russian national team in the World championship in Canada, informs Sports - the Express train. very much wanted to arrive on the World championship, but circumstances which demand my stay in California till the end of May have changed. I can not leave, because it is necessary to finish here very much important issues. Certainly, fans will not understand, will tell: Has spat to Russia and so on. But actually I cannot simply go, without having finished these affairs. I can tell only that these circumstances not from what it is accepted to name family. In Canada Varlamov let plays. Speak, the guy now fine acts. Let it becomes its chance to prove. As to Nabakova and Habibulina I do not think that someone from them will appear in a national team. Nabokov is occupied in plej - off, and Habibulin long time has been injured. It is not known, how he now feels itself(himself) - Bryzgalov has told. Bryzgalov it has somewhat appeared the seer, the intention to pass the World championship declared also Nikolay Habibulin. konetsformynachaloformy the Best Russian goalkeeper in the history of NHL the next 10 days intends to be engaged in private affairs, and also to heal a chronic trauma of a back, from - for what during its this time in the North America will not be. Habibulin knows that the head coach of Russian national team Vyacheslav Bykov was interested in its nominee, however that has called the goalkeeper in day of the next match of the regular championship of NHL, therefore conversation has not taken place. As to the best goalkeeper of League of this season Evgenja Nabokov, at present it together with the Dignity - Jose prepares for matches plej - off. The first round SHarkz will spend with Calgary And, for certain, will pass in the following stage. And here in it the Dignity - Jose most likely will converge with Colorado so the instructor of Russian national team Vyacheslav Bykovu can count on Nabokov in the heat of the World championship. To begin tournament anyway it is necessary with goalkeepers from the Russian Superleague. First of all Bykova interest both participants of the ending of national championship - Simeon Varlamov from the Locomotive and Alexey Eremenko from Salavat Yulaev .