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Marks the Trauma of one of the best defenders of league of Andrey Markova which was broken by the Belarus forward " will not help Russian national team

; Toronto Michael Grabovsky, it has appeared serious.
from - for damages of a knee of Marks will pass at least three weeks. It means that, even if Montreal will take off from plej - off, Andrey hardly can help Russian national team in the World championship with Switzerland, transfers the Soviet Sports .
It is possible to argue long concerning, whether there was pure Michael Grabovsky`s power reception when the Byelorussian pushed Markova aboard. But that the forward Toronto has revenged the former club, to doubt is not subject. Grabovsky, we will tell directly, in Montreal hate. Sergey Kostitsyn tried to beat it twice. Like passion would settle. And here such mean blow...
Grabovsky`s great happiness that Toronto in this season will not play any more with Montreal . Michael has dug out a war axe. What for it was necessary to break the contender for 10 minutes till the end of a match at the account 6:1 in advantage Canadians anybody does not understand.