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Russia has continued victorious procession in the World championship

Anton Mozgovoj
the Russian hockey team within the limits of a World championship semi-final met a national team of the USA. The Russian hockey players converged already with zvyozdno - striped on the Swiss ice. Our children have overcome transatlantic sportsmen with the account 4:1. That meeting passed in frameworks of second group stage CHM.
Since then Americans have a little added in weight . After enough unexpected victory of the USA over a national team of Finland, it became clear that Americans have concerned the championship with all gravity. Game of a national team of the USA made, basically, from hockey players of the second echelon, in a match against Finns has surprised. Ambitious youth zvyozdno - striped has won back perfectly well and deservedly left in a semi-final.
the Russian national team, in turn, according to the developed tradition, has led a difficult match with Byelorussians. From year to year the national team of Belarus renders fierce resistance to the big brother . Hardly someone assumed that our hockey players will appear in a role recouping twice. But, as it is known, all is good that well comes to an end, and it is not accepted to judge winners. The match with Belarus remained already in the past. Today all thoughts were only about a duel with Americans who, for certain, after a victory over Suomi have received an enormous emotional charge. And a command operating on spirit, one of the most dangerous opponents. And, predictably, an easy match it has not turned out
At Russians since first minutes of a collar has been entrusted to protect to Ilya Bryzgalovu who has not in the best way played in a quarterfinal. In a match with Byelorussians the trauma was received by Nikolay Zherdev who has broken a finger. In a semi-final our hockey players had to do without the help attacking Rejndzhers . But also without Zherdev Russians in attack played habitually sharply. Already on 2 - j to minute of a meeting our hockey players have created the most dangerous moment at gate of Esha. Under blow of Radulova the stick was substituted by Saprykin, but the washer has passed by a rack of gate. A minute later Russians have created one more sharp attack. Zinovev there was unexpectedly enough absolutely one before Eshem, but to change the goalkeeper of the USA to it it was not possible.
the Starting piece of the first twenty minutes remained completely behind the Russian national team. But, thus, within the first 5 minutes Russians have not put any throw on collars of Esha! Our hockey players tried to play each attack to true . Americans have concentrated on defence of own gate. But even rare attacks zvezdno - striped concealed in itself serious threats. In the middle of 1 - go the period good pass was made by Mozjakin. But a throw of the Russian defenders of the USA to cover, nevertheless, were in time.
in some minutes Russians have started to conduct methodical storm of gate of the contender. Long attack of our national team was finished by Radulov, but Alexander from an acute angle gets to gate could not. 2 minutes prior to the termination of I period the Russian national team has got numerical advantage. 1 - e removal in game was earned by Kajl Okposo. But game in the majority of our national team was not gave also the first period has come to the end with a zero drawn game.
the second period of a command have begun without superfluous investigation and at once have exchanged dangerous attacks. Americans have played more actively and have been rewarded for it. On 4 - j to minute the roughest error was made by our children at own gate and Brown has jumped out in private with Bryzgalovym. The Russian goalkeeper rescues the command could not - 0:1. Russians once again on tournament had to recoup.
after the passed washer our children have rushed to recoup. Works at Esha at once has increased. But combinational game at Russians has a little got bad. A missed goal obviously our command from a game tone and Americans have levelled game. The goal of Kovalchuka on 12 - j has more illogically appeared to minute that. Attacking to our national team has put an unexpected throw after vbrasyvanija and Esh has appeared to it is not ready - 1:1. Kovalchuk inspired with success has rushed to develop success. The following attempt has appeared unsuccessful and the goalkeeper of Americans has caught a washer. But the persistence of Kovalchuka has born fruit. Ilya has made slalomnyj pass and has thrown a washer towards gate of the contender. After a ricochet from Frolov the washer has appeared behind the back of Nash - 2:1!
3 minutes prior to the termination of the second 20 - minutes arbitrators have sent Tereshchenko on a bench shtrafnikov. It was not pleasant to judges apellirovanie, to which pribegnul the Russian. Americans were skilfully placed in a Russian national team zone, but the Russian defenders have made everything to keep gate in inviolability, over and over again rushing under a washer. And, nevertheless, Americans could even up scores to a break. Already at game in equal structures Okposo has amazed not protected gate corner of Bryzgalova and at the account 2:2 the second period has come to the end.
in one and a half minute after the beginning of the third period Russians have got numerical advantage. Okposo has beaten out a stick from hands of Radulova and has gone to leave the penalty. But our hockey players hammer in the majority could not. It is remarkable that Russians nevertheless have switched on red light behind collars of Esha, truth then a washer has got to outer side of a grid of gate. Equal structures have held on on ice not for long. proshkin has decided to return dolzhok the USA and has earned 2 minutes removal the beaten out stick of the contender. Already we should concentrate on defence. At Americans game in the majority has turned out much more sharply, than at Russians. In one of the moments for the Russian national team the bar has played.
at game in equal structures Russians have taken hold of advantage and have spent some class attacks. But the shock piece of operating world champions has ended with removal of Tereshchenko. Our children hardly have not used a gap in defence of Americans. Radulov it was rolled out to collars of Esha, but the scoring chance did not realise. But also at a national team of the USA it was not got on with realisation. Two-minute storm in the thrown washers it to embody and it was not possible. The key moment in a match has come for 3. 5 minutes till the end of the third period. In one of attacks of Russians About and #39; SHi has stopped the opponent by removal. And our children, at last - taki, realised the majority. Radulov has clicked on collars of Esha and again we were helped by a ricochet, this time from a back of Gorovikova - 3:2 for 1. 5 minutes till the end of a match! The national team of the USA has sent at once Esha on a bench and has tried to rescue game. Last seconds the match in an overtime could translate About and #39; Sullivan, but the washer from its stick flew by over a crossbeam.
Russians have successively reached the final the second year the World championship. Operating world champions are close to protecting a title. But ahead of us the most important match which, for certain, will be the heaviest on tournament waits. Also it would be desirable, that our children have met again the Canadians, the given match would be a tournament ornament. On the ending we learn a name of the contender of our national team tonight. Canada and Sweden leave on ice at 21:15.
Bern, Switzerland. The World championship. Plej - off. 1/ 2 endings

Russia - the USA - 3:2
(0:0, 2:2, 1:0)
Washers: Kovalchuk, 32, Frolov, 35, Gorovikov, 59 - Brown, 24,   Okposo, 39
Canada - Sweden - 3:1 (1:0, 2:0, 0:1)
Washers: the Plenty, 7,   31, Horkoff, 30 -   the Ericsson, 47