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S.Fedorov: Of a revenge we will think in the ending

the Russian national team is going to start in the World championship on hockey in Germany. In the first match our team should play against a command of Slovakia. The leader of Russian national team   and   the attacking Sergey Fedorov   has told about importance   successful performance on tournament.
- whether is not present at you in this connection fears, what too strong thirst of a revenge can prevent result achievement only?
- I Think, in an emotional spirit there is nothing bad. Emotions will always be useful. Simply I hope that in Germany we will supervise them completely. As to words about certain a revenge it sounds well, but nevertheless it is necessary to prove the superiority game. At first we should reach the ending. And only then time will come to think of a revenge.
- In your opinion, the victory in the World championship will be equivalent replacement to not come true Olympic hopes?
- you want to tell, what the World championship - second-grade tournament?
- is not present, it is simple in Germany almost all leading commands will act not in the strongest structures.

- If they have wanted, and now could bring the strongest structures. Know, I absolutely not agree how you have raised the question. Well let`s not prepare for the World championship and we will go there the third structure, we will be and to afflict our fans further. Unless it is the correct approach?
both to the World championship, and for the Olympic Games always you prepare very seriously. But it is absolutely different tournaments, and there are many factors which influence preparation for them. Thus the victory in each tournament for any hockey player is very honourable. Yes, in the Old World the Olympic Games always were considered as the most prestigious competition, but for me, for example, that is Stanley`s Cup. Here, as they say, a matter of taste.
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