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V.Bykov: Failure in Vancouver demands to show better qualities

Russian national team on hockey is going to accept start in the World championship in Germany. Our command leaves on ice on May, 9th in a match against Slovakia. The instructor of a national team Vyacheslav Bykov already has had time to promise that   it personally leaves on a match   with the Georgievsky ribbon. Also the expert has answered some question in radio station interview the Beacon .
- About possible arrival to a national team of players from NHL, in particular, Pavel Datsyuk.
-   After the first qualifying round we have the right dozajavit of two players. And while we do not name surnames.

- you feel differently before this World championship unlike the previous championships.
-   Yes, the difference is. Became more senior, maybe, is more skilled. No more that. The desire remains the same.

- gold In two championships gives additional loading?
-   It would be desirable always bolshego. As - that you do not look back. When you leave with a national team, any match basic.
- whether it is possible to perceive this tournament as a possible revenge for Vancouver?
-   I consider that any tournament is basic. Naturally, that we have acted unsuccessfully on the Olympic Games, leaves an additional mark and demands to show the better qualities. All want to show that arrival of children, their desire to play in the World championship shows - nobody remained is indifferent and has not forgotten about that defeat.
the trainer of a national team Igor Zaharkin also has given some comments.
- as flight, how last day in Russia?
-   All is healthy. Now the federation to us has organised here these charters, therefore with it no problems existing. On Thursday there has passed good training.
- There were negotiations with Pavel Datsyuk?
-   It is while assumptions at journalists. We have told that two names we will not name.
- three players the day before have eliminated . It was heavy?
-   Certainly. The most difficult part of work of trainers - to say to players that they do not pass in structure. But that very much pleases, children with understanding concern.
- Vladislav Tretjak has declared that Simeon Varlamov will be the first goalkeeper of a national team. Whether so it?
-   Tretjak has hurried. All goalkeepers have equal odds. Simeon long did not train, feels insufficiently assured. We will define a bit later, who will play the first match. And further on a tournament course we will reveal the first goalkeeper, is closer to plej - off.