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On a line the Cupid two men have attacked the car and have killed the driver

to Law enforcement bodies it was possible to detain immediately participants of an attack in the Amur region and to bring against their criminal case under article 105 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (the murder made by a group of persons, interfaced to robbery).

- As it is established by a consequence, 23 - and 24 - summer inhabitants of settlement Urusha, being in an alcohol intoxication, have left on the car on federal road the Cupid - the senior assistant administrator of investigatory management SK tells the Russian Federation across the Amur region Alexey Lubinsky. - Around 869 kilometres they have stopped other car in which were 50 - the summer man and the woman. Malefactors have shot from a sawn-off shotgun available for them at the driver. The woman managed to escape.

As has found out a consequence, robbers have taken away from the died on the spot man of 900 roubles, a ring and documents, and then have pushed off after the journey the car in which have left a body. After that, indifferently, have returned in Urushu where have been detained by police officers.

Law enforcement bodies notice that from the middle 90 - h years of the last century on a federal line the Cupid there were no so impudent armed assaults.

- the Line equipped with cellular communication, have put traffic police posts, now equip with special fracture clinics for victims in road accident. But, it appears, it is not enough of it for full safety of citizens, - the agents of national security participating in detention of young Amur robbers speak.