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The Central Electoral Committee has registered Dmitry Medvedev the candidate

Registration of lists an United Russia yesterday has not done without surprises.

Already in 9 mornings in the Big Cherkassk lane near a building employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and FSO were on duty alternately. In turn the checkpoint near to journalists patiently had director Feodor Bondarchuk and waited, while one of two frameworks - metal detectors will be released.

to Represent party on registration procedure there has arrived the first and unique number obshchefederalnogo the list of party president Dmitry Medvedev. Visit was spontaneous - the majority of employees TSIKa have learnt about the honoured guest, having come in the morning for work. Nevertheless both journalistic and guest parts of a hall have been overflowed. an United Russia has landed in the Central Electoral Commission the representative VIP - a landing: The chairman of the State Duma Boris Gryzlov and its assistant Svetlana Zhurova, the head of the Central Electoral Committee of party Andrey Vorobev and the secretary of presidium gensoveta Sergey Neverov, the assistant to the mayor of Moscow on sotspolitike Lyudmila Shvetsova and chess king Anatoly Karpov.

On the first and unique question of session the member of the Central Electoral Committee Oleg Lavrov who has given the help information on party reported supervising ER. Assured TSIKom the party in power list totaled 599 persons, but by the time of registration two it have left. As a part of the federal list 172 deputies of the operating State Duma stand, 415 persons have specified the accessory to an United Russia 167 persons - non-parties, 15 more have declared that are participants of various public organisations.

About every fifth a member of the list - the woman. The most senior candidate - 86 - summer Vladimir Dolgih, the youngest - 22 - summer Tatyana Smirnova.

13 present members of the Central Electoral Committee unanimously have approved assurance of lists an United Russia then on a tribune the first number of the list of party Dmitry Medvedev has risen. I have arrived not only to participate in ceremony as the person, which has headed the list but also to underline that the selective legislation extends on everything including on the president and all officials, - the head of the state has informed. - all in identical conditions, all should follow norms of the law. The selective law on which will take place elections, is dictated by substantive provisions of the constitution and should be observed strictly during voting. an United Russia enjoys considerable support of voters, but the basic struggle ahead, parliamentary parties are registered, unparliamentary parties collect votes to be registered, will win the strongest. I am assured that elections in the State Duma will pass at the highest level, will show interest of our citizens to that our political system, and, so, and our life, was more modern and more interesting .

the Head of the Central Electoral Committee Vladimir Churov has handed over certificates of candidates of the State Duma of the sixth convocation to present members of the federal list of party an United Russia including head of the state Dmitry Medvedev.

Later in atrium to journalists left one and a half ten person - that VIP - a landing. Feodor Bondarchuk has appeared one of the few who has come to support simply the president, without being the candidate on what has fairly informed journalists. Boris Gryzlov has declared that the party leaves on elections to inform to electorate the achievements for 10 years of existence and 4 years of work in the Duma. According to the speaker of the State Duma, party is for what to report, and results are worthy . It will be a basis of our electoral programme - Gryzlov has informed. Also he has declared that rotation in a party management which party leader Vladimir Putin the day before mentioned, is inevitable and even is put in the charter. But results of elections become the main parametre of inner-party growth: By results of elections we will make the decision on introduction in the supreme bodies of party of the caused a stir party members or on rotation if results are worse, than we expected, on any concrete subjects. All it, certainly, will be .