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The expert: the Center of Ulyanovsk is threatened with a landslip

Scale works on an accomplishment of the centre of Ulyanovsk have come to the end with trouble. After major repairs of a favourite walking zone of townspeople - quay the Wreath have ended, the Volga slope has started to be showered. According to experts, under the threat there are all buildings located on high - 160 metres above sea level - coast. If urgently not to be engaged in slope strengthening, repair and restoration of drainage system, consequences can be terrible.

Irreversible process

the First the Ulyanovsk public men have made noise. Ecologist Alexander Bragin has placed in the blog of a photo of a slope under a viewing point on the Wreath. The Earth there has partially fallen off, on its surface there were deep cracks which obviously will not take place check by snow and the more so spring thawing.

- the Survey platform has old unhappy history. Some years ago it has been actually destroyed by a landslip. Now it have restored, nasypav a ground. As a matter of fact, the most unstable part of a slope has received additional loading. And the nature at once has told : this all superfluous, - is told by the state expert Uljanovskgosekspertizy Ivan Miroshnikov.

According to Miroshnikov, destruction of the Volga slope - process irreversible. Millions years Volga washes away the right coast. That is why the river slope is a zone of constant destructions.

- some factors Operate. Volga and its waves which wash away coast; vodonosnye horizons which deliver water on a slope. And also not always reasonable activity of people. Alas, will turn out that we do everything that a slope to destroy, - the state expert considers.

the Natural bomb

the Volga slope inherently - a delayed-action bomb. Ivan Miroshnikov`s forecast the unfavourable: Sooner or later all buildings on the Wreath the destiny of church which when - that stood on the Volga slope waits. Today it is impossible to find even its base. Meanwhile, in a dangerous zone it is enough buildings - a philharmonic society, agricultural academy, the Art museum, pedagogical university, Lenin`s memorial centre.

the First candidate on slipping - a philharmonic society. Constructed more centuries ago, the building is necessary for one reason: clever people have put it on mezhopolznevoj a crest, on radical breeds. But the slope has already started to give.

the Survey platform and the most part of a walking zone of the Wreath are located just in dangerous, live to a zone. Here the role can play superfluous loading even half-tons. The quay, as a matter of fact, still keeps only because it is connected with other objects standing further. But behind the memorial centre, on most brovke a slope, the whole elite quarter - the cottages, three - and four-storeyed club houses has grown. Earlier here there were easy wooden small houses, and now, according to opolzneviki, on a slope extreme loading is created! Houses once can fail simply downwards.  

Economy on the maintenance

to Understand the relation of the authorities of all levels to opolznevym to problems in Ulyanovsk difficult. Scientists say that from all Volga cities Lenin`s native land (is more exact, its right-bank part) has the difficult situation. Clay which compose a slope, in literal sense the treacherous. As soon as on them water gets, they turn in a skating rink for layers which are located above. Not to admit tragedy, still in 60 - e years of the last century on the Volga slope have built an extensive drainage network (then in Ulyanovsk mass building brovki a slope has begun - there was a Lenin memorial, peduniversitet and other objects). But since then in this network of more money did not put.

Moreover, modern financing of the maintenance of objects which disturb to development of landslips, leaves much to be desired.

- last year to us have allocated 20 percent from the necessary sum. In present - 40 percent, in 2012 - an ohm promise to give to 50 - 60 percent, - the chief of the department of works of Ildus Jusupov against landslide speaks.

Employees of the enterprise should clear away own hands livnevki and the drains, which some cunning companions cover with earth. Come, and pour the earth and garbage by the whole trucks. And the justice, according to Jusupova, on them is not present: management - not the controller, and the executor. Affect infringers the police - usual or ecological can to find only.

Meanwhile, drainage constructions not eternal - their big part should be repaired today capitally, and some has come it is time to liquidate, build the new. And it is the big money. To secure the Volga slope, against the old bridge to new, it is necessary more than billion roubles! The local budget cannot afford such expenses.

By the way, a slope part the railway in due time has strengthened - to protect a cloth on which trains, and own objects go, this organisation for five years has enclosed about one and a half billions roubles. But, to a great regret, under quay and other objects of the railway is not present.

That it is possible to make today not to admit terrible - Wreath slipping to Volga? With nasypannoj on a slope the earth, according to Ivan Miroshnikov, it is possible to say goodbye - not in this autumn so in the spring of next year it will slip downwards. That destruction is not has gone further, it is necessary to make more low on a slope a persistent wall, to leave inside chinks, buronabivnymi piles. And, certainly, nevertheless to find possibilities and to put in order drainage system.

at slope top it is necessary to concern any works with the maximum care. However, according to Miroshnikov, the accomplishment of the Wreath did not pass through Uljanovskgosekspertizu . Experts of a municipal government of works against landslide, at the desire of the mayoralty, have made recommendations to make a quay bias in the return party from a slope, to lay a geogrid, to construct livnevku. However nobody was engaged in a slope - anybody about it simply did not ask them. The result is available …

- Earlier for these works there was money, and now - is not present … In Soviet period in Ulyanovsk the station which investigated the Volga slope worked scientific opolznevaja, fixed, where, as on how many has moved. Now do shootings of space - mark the general tendencies. But what exactly has moved, what layer has gone therefrom you will not see. And, means, you will not predict that will be further, - the state expert considers.

the Inquiry

Simbirsk knew many destructive landslips. So, in 1902 in a city the railway, the city highway connecting a city with steamship landing stages, and also numerous grain barns and other structures have been strongly damaged. The Simbirsk town council even has brought the judicial suit to the Society Is Moscow - the Kazan railway about indemnification from a landslip caused by the wrong device of railway constructions. the Landslip of the Simbirsk mountain which have occurred 29 - on May, 31st, 1915, was so destructive that the extreme meeting of a municipal duma has made the decision: Struggle against accident consequences should be recognised by business by nation-wide . Approaches to the under construction Volga bridge, a roadway on Petropavlovsk descent and church have been destroyed. The under construction bridge has strongly suffered also - eight extreme foundations (bulls) have been brought down from the basis.   In 1955 there was a repeated motion of a southern half of landslip of 1915. 740 metres of railroad tracks have failed, losses were estimated in millions roubles.   After a landslip of 1979 movement of trains on four days has been stopped, there were all buildings. On restoration of the deformed part of the railway 320 cars of rubble were required. Happened in the spring of last year the landslip has broken mounting skiing resort work Lenin hills . The slope was not used by sportsmen any more.   everything, p about an estimation of experts, about 1900 hectares of the earth in line of Ulyanovsk are considered opolznevymi.