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In the Perm edge there was a car - the museum of Civil war

At station Kyn of Lysvensky area of the Perm edge has opened the car - a museum of Civil war.

The beginning the car project - a museum a beret from reconstruction of fights of times of revolution which has been spent within the limits of the program Kyn - a reality . Historians have christened events of Civil war of 1918 war of armored trains . The railway branch was the main resource for which the contradictory parties struggled, - it opened a way to Perm. Station Kyn was on this way strategically important point and eight times passed from hand to hand. In August, 2010 rekonstruktory from Perm, Ekaterinburg, Moscow, Ufa, Tolyatti, Samaras have restored this battle on the Eagle - a grief over railroad tracks. Car opening became the second stage of historical reconstruction.

- the Purpose of creation of a museum - approach to historical truth, - is considered by the Perm historian Dmitry Lobanov.

Founders of the mobile car - a museum want by means of historical documents and exhibits to warn both against categorical censure, and from enthusiastic praise of those who in days of Civil war was at war on either side of barricades.

Organizers would like to create a mobile exposition, but, unfortunately, while the car has no log, therefore to move it on the big distances it is impossible, and it remains at station Kyn. And it not a unique organizational problem.

- it was difficult to find things of times of Civil war, - has told in interview lysvenskoj to the newspaper the Spark the main artist of drama theatre of a name of Anatoly Savin, the art designer of a museum Olga Vologina. - Even the form red and white has not remained, it was necessary to reconstruct it on photos. The car have driven from the Far East. We hope, in the future the exposition will replenish with artefacts and documents. For example, in lysvenskom and kynovskom museums in store rooms there is a number of exhibits which they could share.

the Part of exhibits was given by the Czech party, namely - the Czechoslovak society of legionaries. Its representatives have arrived in Kyn the second time. Here their ancestors 90 years ago were at war. As it is paradoxical, but they were at war for freedom and independence of Czechoslovakia and the mission have executed.

- In days of the First World War they battled volunteers in the ranks of Russian army, and in 1918 - m have been compelled to enter Civil war, - the member of a society of Indrih Sitta has told. - They became allies of democratic forces in Russia. From the end 18 - go Czechoslovaks gradually left operations. By then the Czechoslovak republic was already formed, and homecoming became an overall objective of legionaries.

- In Czechia and Slovakia now lives more than one million people, whose grandfathers and great-grandfathers served in the Czechoslovak case, - its colleague continues Milan Mojzhish. - archives on which we search for places of burial places of victims have remained. In Ekaterinburg, Irkutsk, Chelyabinsk and other places we put monuments to the lost legionaries. The monument and in Kungur will be established. Under our data, in fights for Kyn on November, 6th, 1918 was lost six fighters - Czechoslovaks. The place of their burial place is not known. We hope for the help of local residents, regional specialists...

As informs the Spark for the winter the car will preserve, and since spring work on its arrangement and exposition filling will proceed. Organizers count on the help lysventsev. Documents, photos, letters, things of times of Civil war, memoirs of participants and eyewitnesses, the form and subjects of soldier`s use, the newspaper, posters - all it would help to recreate historical atmosphere of those years.

the Inquiry

During Civil war the territory entering today in structure of Kynovsky rural settlement, was a place of violent fighting. Only the village Kyn eight times passed from hand to hand, retaliatory commands both red, and white grasped and shot hostages. Kyn - a place of battles of international brigades of Czechs, Hungarians, Serbs. The line Western - the Ural railway was the main strategic resource for which opponents struggled. And a striking power of this rail war there were armored trains. Most known of them - Admiral Kolchak and a red armored train 2. Therefore armored trains - a potential tourist brand of Kyna.