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Arrest is put property and bank accounts of the former mayor of Novokuznetsk

In the Kemerovo region preliminary investigation on criminal case concerning the former mayor of Novokuznetsk Sergey Martin and two former heads of municipal authority " is finished; Management of the Uniform Customer powers of office accused of excess with damage causing to the city budget.

Now figurants of this criminal case together with lawyers get acquainted with the bill of particulars then criminal case will be directed to Office of Public Prosecutor of the Kemerovo region for the signature. If the Office of Public Prosecutor will not have any questions and remarks, criminal case will leave in court.

we Will remind that scandal round the mayor of Novokuznetsk who has been got mixed up in the history with plunder of budget money in the area of housing and communal services, has ended with its resignation. Deputies of city council have unanimously voted for this offer. Main role in resignation of head the situation in " has played; the Novokuznetsk management company which only on a paper has executed municipal orders on major repairs of inhabited sector of a city on hundred millions roubles.

Besides as it became known to a consequence, in 2006 Sergey Martin has published the illegal statutory act according to which the right of the requirement of debts of citizens for housing and communal services which was subject to transfer in city budget, has been transferred management companies. Their heads have concluded a number of transactions with the several commercial organisations zhilfonda, gratuitously having transferred it the right of the requirement of debts for housing services and capital repairs which was subject to transfer in city budget. The received money has been spent for own needs of the commercial organisations. As a result the damage more than on 276 million roubles is caused city budget.