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The Tuva Olympians of the power will be awarded with habitation

with Olympians of Tuva will receive grants for acquisition and habitation building, have informed in the region government.

- to stimulate achievement by sportsmen of high sports results, position about granting of grants to sportsmen of the republic which have won ranks of champions or prize-winners of the Olympic, Paralimpijsky and Surdlimpijsky games, world champions and Europe on the Olympic sports, and also their trainers is confirmed. The grant is given unitary and repayment of the credit received for building can be used on acquisition of ready habitation, building of an apartment house or apartment under the contract on individual share in building. The size of a grant defined proceeding from social norm of the area of premises and average market cost of square metre of habitation, cannot exceed two millions roubles, - have commented in department.

we Will remind, now to take part in the Olympic games the well-known Tuva fighters of Lorisa Oorzhak and Opan Sat who train Victor Dostaj and Vladimir Tjuljush prepare. Evgenie Tutatchikova and Elena Dostaj`s pupils of an arrow apply For participation in Paralimpijsky games from onions Michael Ojun and Artysh Chuldum.