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Gone children are found in Transbaikalia

the Statement for loss of children - 11 - the summer girl and the boy of 9 years - has arrived in police of Borzinsky area of Transbaikalian edge on the night of October, 17th. In the evening children have left to walk and have not come back home. Almost two days the staff of department of police searched children.

As it has appeared, the girl has decided to visit the grandfather who is living in the country, and its small friend has gone with it for the company. From Borzi children reached village Kutugaj where there lived the grandfather, on passing transport. And any of drivers has not given value to that two small children where - that go in itself, without adults, voting on road. Nobody has declared in police and already especially has not tried to get children home.

As it was found out that families of children - from among unsuccessful, parents abuse alcohol and education especially are not engaged. Therefore, under instructions of the interdistrict public prosecutor, concerning parents administrative manufacture for inadequate execution of parental duties is raised.