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Hloponin: For state guarantees applied about thousand projects from SKFO

At a meeting with representatives of mass-media in Essentukah the plenipotentiary of the president of the Russian Federation in SKFO Alexander Hloponin has declared that financing of the North Caucasus and other regions of the country goes as equals .

Frivolous, as he said, interpretation of some figures warms up irritation in the Russian society but there is it from lack of information and misunderstanding of budgetary processes.

- the Immemorial myth that from the federal budget is allocated for each inhabitant SKFO several times more grants, than in other territories, - a parcel of rubbish, - was declared by the plenipotentiary. - most dotatsionnaja territory in district - Ingushetia. Level of grants and subventions on one person here makes of the federal budget of 12 thousand roubles. But if to look at other depressive territories, there grants reaches to 64 - 70 thousand. That is Ingushetia in this respect costs where - that in the middle dotatsionnyh territories of Russia. Before to speak about that, how many money zakachivajut to caucasus, it is necessary to understand that such grants, subventions, and also interbudgetary processes and alignment of budgetary security.

the Plenipotentiary is assured: is not present such terrible money which the federal centre gathers vbuhat in SKFO. In particular, it concerns also the sums of 5,5 trillion roubles which has been sounded as state program cost on development of the North Caucasus till 2025.

- No decisions about it still are present, - Hloponin has told. - While there is a certain set of the offers discussed today. For example, on a grief Mashuk in Pyatigorsk suggest to construct the centre for mezhkonfessionalnogo and international dialogue of youth. And now there is a discussion - not all agree with a platform choice. On erection of this complex in the state program appears 4,5 billion roubles. However the given project, as well as many other things, - while only a wish. That into the program has precisely entered are those grants and subventions which are annually allocated from the federal budget. They will decrease in process of alignment and economic growth of territory.

the state program Main task, according to Hloponina, not to throw the North Caucasus money and to create conditions that investors here came and the district developed economy on the most competitive branches.

But while process of preparation of investment projects which can receive the governmental state guarantees, is on a starting stage . Though annually, since this year, their total sum for regions of the North Caucasus will make 50 billion roubles. As the plenipotentiary has underlined, selection of the first projects went hard, state guarantees have received only best of them, many interesting offers still remain in a working out stage.

- one thousand projects from all subjects of district has been offered almost, - Hloponin has told. - As to quality of preparation of some, I can name faster than them ideas. Projects ready, calculated and economically proved them to name difficult.

In the course of selection all profile structures were engaged in the careful analysis of offers, including from the point of view of their economic efficiency, search of investors was conducted. As a result selection on quality have passed 28 projects the sum of state guarantees on which has made 42 billion roubles. The corresponding decision was signed already by the prime minister - the minister of Russia Vladimir Putin.

- Remained eight billions were not gone anywhere, - Hloponin has underlined. - They will pass to the next year. At us about 30 projects are in a preparation stage, they are worked, but on them there are many questions. For example, one of republics suggests to construct hotbeds on the area of 100 hectares. In Soviet period did not build hotbeds of such scale! Or the offer to create an agricultural production on 10 thousand beasts. It will not work, it is a gigantomania. But if the project to bring into accord - for example, the enterprise will be on two thousand beasts is will yield absolutely other result.