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In St.-Petersburg have handed over the Tsarskoje Selo art award

the Nineteenth ceremony of rewarding by tradition has passed in Imperial village on the eve of an anniversary of day of the basis of Imperial lycee. This year delivery has been devoted 200 - letemu to anniversary of world famous educational institution. Winners awarded in that hall where in 1815 at examination young Alexander Pushkin read to Gavrile Derzhavin own poem Memoirs in Tsarskoje Selo standing two steps away from the venerable poet.

As one of organizers of ceremony writer Nikolay Jakimchuk has noted, Tsarskoje Selo reduces different people who under other circumstances hardly probable could appear together. As he said, this award connects so-called late lyceum students - creative people to whom ideals of their romantic predecessors are close.

About the Tsarskoje Selo art award playfully say that it is an award which one group of intelligent people hands over to other group of intelligent people. By the way, its feature was also that nominees of each next year are defined by winners of last years. Thus the award does not have standard nominations, for each winner of jury thinks out the formulation reflecting its individual merits. This year among the awarded art workers: actress Tatyana Doronin - for grace and spirituality of images at theatre and cinema actor Armen Djigarkhanyan noted by jury for original actor`s handwriting and a unique way at theatre and cinema, its colleague Juozas Budrajtis, awarded awards for thin intelligent psychologism . Also an award have awarded to poet Andrey Dementyev, writer Anatoly Nyman, director Yury Maminu, clown Leonid Lejkinu, the actor and director Nikita Vysotsky, the director of a museum of Anna Ahmatovoj in the Gushing House to Nina Popovoj. The Theatre director the Vagrant dog Vladimir Skljarsky is awarded awards posthumously.

to Each of winners handed over memorable diplomas and Catherine the Great, Anna Ahmatovoj`s bronze figurines or Osipa Mandelshtama. Nominal pictures of the leader of group " became a special gift; Mitki artist Dmitry Shagin.

As the actor and director Nikita Vysotsky awarded by the award for creation of the Center of a name of Vladimir Vysotsky and preservation of a creative heritage of the poet admitted, the awarded award to it is especially expensive. It appears, in a youth it was hardly probable not against creation of a family museum.

- When there was no my father, I was still young enough, I then was 16 years old. So far as concerned creation of a museum of a name of Vysotsky I constantly corrected the more mature relatives and friends of the father that in its establishment there is no necessity. Said that manuscripts do not burn, and gold does not grow dull... Has been assured that its creativity itself will find to itself road. Long enough I was at these thoughts. When was engaged in a museum did it partly unwillingly, it is more because that it was wanted very much by my mum and parents of the father. To thought that the native were right, has come much later. Time has shown that in the course of time and manuscripts perfectly burn, and gold grows dull and to keep a creative heritage of the poet, it is necessary to put considerable efforts, - Vysotsky summarised, having received an award.

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the Tsarskoje Selo art award has been based in 1993 by musician Alexander Dolsky, writer Victor Krivulinym, composer Sergey Kuryokhin, film director Alexander Sokurov, writer Nikolay Jakimchukom and A.S.Pushkin`s All-Russia museum. Rewarding ceremony passes annually within the precincts of Imperial Tsarskoje Selo lycee on the eve of day of its basis. The award for the creative contribution to development of the Russian culture and art and strengthening of the international cultural contact is awarded. In different years Kshishtof Zanussi, Inna Churikova, Eldar Ryazanov, Oleg Basilashvili, Mstislav Rostropovich, Dmitry Lihachev, Evgenie Evtushenko, Isaak Schwarz, Alisa Friendlich, Yury Temirkanov, Michael Piotrovsky, Yury Shevchyuk and many other art workers became winners of the award Michael Zhvanetsky.