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On Kuban the African plague is found out already in the fourth area

One more flash of the African plague of pigs (ACHS) fixed in Krasnodar territory. The new address of a trouble which extends on rural area of Kuban, - Primorsko - Ahtarsky area.

Under the information a press - services of regional government of Rosselhoznadzora, the genetic material of virus ACHS is revealed on Wednesday at inspection of the tests taken in Open Society Priazovsky Primorsko - Ahtarsky area. In this economy was lost two pigs from 54 containing.

To the infection centre have got a village Priazovsky and settlement Cheljuskinets. By estimation, here it was grown up an order of 600 animals which, according to operating instructions, it is necessary to liquidate. Local authorities make all possible efforts for prevention of distribution of a dangerous virus.

As we was informed, on Kuban it already the fourth for a month and the third flash for a week of the African plague.

the First centre ACHS has been revealed on October, 7th in Pavlovsk area of Krasnodar territory. And on October, 17th it became known that from the African plague of pigs animals have started to perish and on one of farms in the Old Minsk area. Yesterday in Slavyansk area virus ASCH became a cause of death of 14 animals.