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The Ministry of Internal Affairs: Movement of planes in JUFO was provided with the ignoramus with the counterfeit diploma

the Don policemen have detained the employee of the Rostov aeronavigation company with the counterfeit diploma, providing safety of flights of the aircrafts which were taking off from Rostov, Krasnodar, Vladikavkaz and other cities of the South of Russia. It has appeared that from Academy of the state civil aircraft lzhe - the expert has been deducted on the first course for poor progress.

One of coryphaeuses of domestic aircraft construction asserted, it is possible what to fly and on a broom, it is necessary to know aerodynamics laws only. However 36 - the summer head of flights from Rostov-on-Don has introduced the corrective amendments in this and without that disputable enough thesis. The young man has decided that knowledge of fundamental laws to it to what that planes have not faced in air space, there is enough intuition. He has bought the lime document on higher education in 2005. Then - that it have raised to the expert of the first category.

Duties of the head of flights were very uneasy, after all calculation of a trajectory of movement, maintenance of a free air passage for all flying up planes, verification of meteorological forecasts of different cities demands the highest concentration of attention, responsibility and profound knowledge. In such work simply good experts, and in whom the spark Divine burns should be engaged not.

What there was a surprise of employees operatively - a search part on safety of the persons who are subject to the state protection, GU the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia across the Rostov region when they have found out that the diploma of Academy of the state civil aircraft in the city of St.-Petersburg, shown by the employee of the aeronavigation company, is a fake. Though in in Academy rostovchanin all - taki studied, but as it has appeared at check, only year.

the guy obviously has not succeeded In study, from the first course it have deducted for the two. A grief - the student said to the colleagues that continues study and even went in Northern capital, that to hand over sessions . And in three years such training has shown the diploma about the Academy termination. Under the operative information, the suspect has got the counterfeit diploma without any work, he has simply bought it in Rostov-on-Don. The price of a lime paper which has allowed the ignoramus to dispose of hundreds lives about what of not suspecting passengers of planes of the southern airports, was very modest. Enterprising rostovchaninu it was necessary to lay out for it all 10 thousand roubles. Now detectives spend definitive check and collect a material for excitation of criminal case to article of the criminal code of Russian Federation Use of obviously false document .

Policemen have found also the seller of a forgery. It has appeared that it already serves time in places of confinement, and a fake of the diploma of Academy of the state civil aircraft not the brightest episode in its criminal activity.