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On Kuban new flash of the African plague

In Slavyansk area of Krasnodar territory as a result of infection with a dangerous virus is revealed 14 pigs were lost. It already the third centre of the African plague of pigs (ACHS), revealed on Kuban from the beginning of October.

In territory of Anastasievsky rural settlement where the case is fixed, the emergency situation mode is entered. This decision was accepted right after a commission extraordinary session on CHS. In a village Anastasievsky contains about eight thousand pigs. Now all livestock should be destroyed.

As to us have informed in a press - service of regional government of Rosselhoznadzora, state of emergency has occurred on svinotovarnoj to an enterprise farm Delma . Not to admit epidemic distribution, the veterinary service of Slavic area has suspended any transportation both the livestock, and any pig-breeding production. On perimetre of a so-called first threatened zone of infection police posts are exposed.

the First centre ACHS this month have revealed on October, 7th in Pavlovsk area of Krasnodar territory. And on October, 17th it became known that from the African plague of pigs animals have started to perish and on one of farms in the Old Minsk area.

In September in Shcherbinovsky area in connection with flash ACHS experts of Rosselhoznadzora had to destroy 21,8 thousand goals. And in the beginning of August in Krylovsky area of Kuban (and again in connection with a case) the emergency situation mode has been declared. Flash of a plague of pigs has happened and in June on a farm belonging to agrofirm caucasus agroholding Kuban where it was necessary to liquidate all livestock - about 4,8 thousand animals.

Development of measures of struggle against the African plague of pigs in region already became the main theme of session of Security council of Krasnodar territory. Recently governor Alexander Tkachev has suggested to reconsider a principle of payment of indemnifications to the economy which have suffered from the African plague. Among the offered measures - to deprive of the right to farm indemnification where infringements of norms of sanitary are revealed.

- If the person does not want to strike a finger about a finger to protect the animals, to carry out sanitary rules - that why for its laziness and nonsense the budget should pay? - Alexander Tkachev has told on Security Council. - After all, as a matter of fact, it picks pocket other inhabitants of edge at the expense of which taxes the budget is formed.

last year in territory of Krasnodar territory 21 centre of the African plague of pigs has been revealed. In region it was necessary to destroy 26 thousand pigs. According to management of Rosselhoznadzora across Krasnodar territory and Republic Adygea, the damage from a plague of pigs only on Kuban has exceeded 110 million roubles.