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UMVD: On Kuban after certification there are no policemen

Today deficiency of policemen in Krasnodar territory has exceeded a lath in four thousand persons.

- This figure four times exceeds admissible working shortage, - deputy chief GU has declared on Wednesday the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia across Krasnodar territory - the chief of police Yury Kuznetsov at a meeting with journalists of local and federal mass-media. - certainly, it is connected both with the last certification and that in reforming of system of the Ministry of Internal Affairs reduction of number of staff was actively conducted. If to speak in concrete figures us does not suffice almost two regiments PPS.

deficiency of divisionals is most strongly felt: similar vacancies - more than 400. In some settlements of divisionals is not present basically, therefore their duties should be incurred to police officers from the next municipalities. As a result on their shoulders the volume of work which several times exceeds the admissible lays down. Most a critical situation with shortage of shots in seaside areas of edge, especially in Sochi.

- That as - that to solve this problem, we even think of the invitation to work of policemen from other regions, - the colonel has told. - letters with the request to direct to Kuban the decent, professional, formed employees will be soon dispatched. However, while still there are problems with habitation granting. But also this question can be solved in an individual order.

By the way

Prior to the beginning of certification on Kuban 27434 militiamen worked. After its carrying out it is direct in police remained to serve 25451 persons. At own will within the limits of carried out reform law enforcement bodies has left only 502 pravoohranitelja, the most part from which (412) has been sent on pension.