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Ukraine has successfully finished negotiations about a zone of free trade from EU

Ukraine and EU have finished negotiations about creation of a zone of free trade (ZST). Such message was made being in Bruxelles with working visit by the first vitse - the prime minister of Ukraine Andrey Klyuyev.

Last night we have co-ordinated all points of the contract on creation of a zone of free trade, the document is ready to signing - the second person of the Ukrainian Ministry has declared.

As he said, EU has offered Ukraine a mode of the highest trading and customs liberalisation which was never offered the country from the European union . Also, Klyuyev confirms, between Ukraine and EU does not remain any technical obstacles for parafirovanija this contract. It is not excluded that it will occur till the end of the year, has put only behind political will.

Vis-a-vis Klyuyev from EU, the eurocommissioner on economic problems Charles de Gjuht, has in turn told: We with Andrey Klyuyev have made technical work, and creation of political conditions and removal of obstacles which are, is a business of those who can eliminate them .

By words de Gjuhta, from EU for elimination of political obstacles in the Ukrainian direction answer the Supreme representative on foreign policy Ketrin Eshton and the head of Eurocommission Jose Manuel Barroso. However both these the policy acted earlier with categorical aversion of the processes occurring in internal policy of Ukraine. It is a question first of all of criminal prosecution eks - the prime minister Yulia Timoshenko and other oppositional politicians and the former officials. Actually, Eshton and Barroso as it is considered in Ukraine, stand up for scandalous carrying over without day Victor Yanukovych`s visit to Bruxelles. Let`s remind, Yanukovych should declare today in capital of Belgium the termination of negotiations about ZST, however communicate with it Europeans have not wished, while Timoshenko is behind a lattice. Thus into EU have not curtailed the negotiations, concerning the agreement on association of Ukraine and EU.

Meanwhile, the Ukrainian mass-media referring to foreign diplomats inform that in Bruxelles new date of visit of Yanukovych is already discussed, and, most likely it will take place in the middle of November, when in Ukraine necessary political conditions " will be created;.

It is not known that mean by these necessary conditions in Europe - whether Timoshenko`s outright release, whether decrease in an agiotage round its business but to enter into with EU the agreement about ZST in Kiev, judging by separate statements the power prederzhashchih, want very much.

And the agreement signed one of these days on a zone of free trade within the limits of the CIS an obstacle to it, on their thought, is not. Here, for example, that has told literally after signing of this agreement of premieres - the minister of Ukraine Nikolay Azarov: Me at once ask, instead of whether is it a barrier to a zone of free trade with the European Union? No. Representatives of EU who have assured us Also have already answered that free trade in the CIS does not contradict creation of free trade between EU and Ukraine. Free trade cannot be much, and one freedom cannot cross out another. For Ukraine Europe is a third of goods turnover and the market in half-billion consumers. Therefore signing of the similar agreement with the European Union " becomes following point of our plan of opening of foreign markets;.