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The State Office of Public Prosecutor will check up the information on the VIP - prisoners of a Bryansk colony

History how convict Andrey Pushkar from a Bryansk colony otsidki travelled to time on the country and even called in to the friend to Italy, has shaken many.

By approximate calculations to conduct an idle way of life, it has spent for numerous repairs of barracks and barracks of not less 5 million roubles.

the State Office of Public Prosecutor was engaged in Check, and the chief of a colony - settlements in which the VIP - the prisoner served time, is arrested. That the convict conducted quite free way of life, nobody doubts. But what for it needed to take out rubbish from the chamber? On this question of the answer has not followed. Has made own investigation

In surazhskoj colonies - settlement of all about 300 condemned for small thefts, drugs, road accident and hooliganism. In female branch two rural women that the bag of a potato and five kilogrammes of onions have stolen sit. Term at them considerable - 2 years and 7 months.

Andrey Pushkar, the former assistant to the deputy of the State Duma, looked on their background a blue blood . For swindle on one million dollars it have sentenced to 9 years of imprisonment. From it blew off motes at all because it when - that rubbed among political elite. The gunner was the donor of colony N 3. Yes unless only this? And the six and the four have been obliged a financial power of it VIP - the prisoner. Whether it is necessary to be surprised, what the Gunner contained in special conditions?

the Facilitated mode

behind a barbed wire in Surazhe in exclusive interview has told one of those who protected the Gunner About life, - the former inspector of group of shots and work with staff the lieutenant of internal service Alexander Pomaz. We have met it, as if Stierlitz with Borman. I have sat down at late night in the black car, and the lieutenant has begun the story.

Alexander Pomaz: I served in surazhskoj to a colony from February, 1st till December, 10th, 2010. The gunner knew well. Everything that he has told in interview of mass-media, - truth. But that in all properly to understand, it is necessary to understand that such a colony - settlement. There and so the facilitated conditions of the maintenance. Condemned can work in a city. And even to live there. To have personal money. With the permission of the heads, naturally. The clothes form - free. It is all is in corresponding positions.

But in Surazhe there were absolutely other usages. A barbed wire, kontrolno - sledovaja a strip, videocameras, residing at barracks, circulation by a system. Everyone who arrived to us, gave the written approval to uniform carrying. It as though strengthens discipline. You will not argue. But against this mushtry are much more strongly appreciated small zekovskie pleasures. Dismissal in a city it is necessary to deserve still. And residing there - so it have received only two persons. Behind perimetre lived one your colleague the journalist - the TV man and still the businessman, on - to mine. And the Gunner lived in a brothel in colony territory.

: it had special apartments with carpets, gurijami and other excesses?

Pomaz: What excesses? Its room - is usual close number in provincial hotel. There was a TV, the refrigerator, a bed and a table. It is more than anything. In this building on the ground floor there was a check point and office accommodations. On the second floor - six rooms for long appointments. One of them, 6 - ju, also the Gunner occupied. Lattices at windows, on - to mine, was not. But formally it was already the zone.

RG: the Surazhsky colony was considered as one of the best not only in area. How there could be this scandal?

Pomaz: So it is all it is interconnected. How you think, whether it is possible to contain a colony without additional means? No! All keeps on the sponsor`s help. And where it to take? Certainly, from convicts. Well, in exchange any indulgences in a mode. Earlier from us prisoners bought. Any representative of factory came and spoke: I need 15 persons for trench digging. Them allocated. The representative paid in cash desk on 2,5 thousand roubles for soul in a month.

But then this practice have curtailed. Convicts compassionate hard workers napaivali so that back simply brought them through a check point. Here I, for example, have obtained the order: to instal the program of the personnel account from - for its privacy on the separate computer. And it at us only one in division. It is necessary new where - that to take. And the state allocates for these purposes already 2,5 thousand roubles. The rest - both you want, and extract. Orders should be carried out. Here we also carried out. And convicts - sponsors write down such requests on a dictophone and inform where follows. Checks of Office of Public Prosecutor begin. Field investigators torment inquiries. All it bothers. But differently money not to extract. Eventually it has bothered me also I has left. But there were also pleasant moments. I have issued a rest room, by means of sponsors, naturally. Also has received the award at a rate of a double salary - thousand 10 only. From off-budget fund which is filled up with the same convicts - sponsors.

RG: On what there was a sponsor`s help?

Pomaz: it is inconvenient to speak even. Igor Fits, the chief of the colony, which itself now sits in pre-trial detention centre N of 1 Bryansk, almost each days off has been compelled to accept every possible checks. More shortly, there came officers from management. Fits with it covered a glade, arranged banku. There were also girls. You think, all it from air undertakes? But the colony was in good repute. Igor has received the lieutenant colonel. Also should move to departmental apartment at last in the autumn. Whether it will receive it now, a question.

From plank beds to Italy and back?

Now the State Office of Public Prosecutor checks, whether really the Gunner went to Italy to the friend on birthday in a term of serving the punishment or it is effective bajka for journalists? As Andrey in one interview has blabbed out, the international passport remained at it and special work to receive the visa in tour agency, it was not required. As the Gunner in search did not appear, it would be let out easy by frontier guards. After all there went time 20 VIP - the convict to Moscow! Left two accompanying security guards in the room of the hotel, and itself otpraljalsja on the private affairs. And many facts already have found the acknowledgement.

Pomaz: About Italy anything I can not tell - did not see. And about frequent trips to Moscow truth. I can tell, how we with it went in 4 - ju a colony in Brasovo. It in 250 km from Surazha. To us there should arrive the most important chief - Rejmer. Executing its order, it was necessary to isolate pervohodok from recidivists. We have collected group of 17 persons in which there was also a Gunner, and should etapirovat them in Brasovo. But our old avtozak such distance would not pass. Then Andrey krutanulsja also rented a minibus. Good such, Fiat Dukato . With the conditioner. For money it has descended from a route and has carried our company. Was hot. On road have stopped to bathe. Picnic on a roadside! I in water did not climb - protected 17 affairs for which paid the life.

RG: And convicts? Have not departured?

Pomaz: In - the first, Fits has released them independently to reach. I for them did not undersign. And in - the second who will run from such conditions? When will catch - will be worse. However, when have arrived, we were met by the drunk ensign and has strictly asked: who badly conducted itself(himself) on the journey? Whom it is necessary to beat? But all has managed. And the Gunner has declared to me: if me from here back will not translate, I any more will not give money! Weeks later three we again have taken away it. Shot - that valuable! For it some colonies fought at once. But its generosity has played with it a malicious joke. Who will release such a goldfish ?

It left for 4 months after promised, having stayed 4 years and 10 months. Then, when the Gunner nevertheless has leant back following VIP - the convict from a threshold has asked: What it is necessary to make to sit, how the Gunner? he did not know that with the sponsor`s help extends to itself a way to UDO.

RG: And it is free of charge possible to reduce to itself term? Strictly under the law?

Pomaz: Only in the theory. At those who has no the solid sums, a way one: to sit in not comfortable conditions. As though you worked. On my memory there was only one case: the condemned has seriously helped with search of the run away criminal. For it to it before a system the award have given out and have sent on UDO. Speak, in a standard regime penal colony on UDO in times to leave easier, than at us.

RG: you are not afraid, what after that interviews on you most will get criminal case?

Pomaz: I am not afraid. Everything about what I speak, can be easily proved in court. I and on a place of Fitsa was not silent, and through lawyers began to speak. But it is visible, to it something there have promised. And Andrey Pushkar after the first interview became not such talkative. It is felt that this history try to hush up.

I always came back in time...

I have phoned to protagonist Andrey Pushkarja. It was on a platoon also shouted in a tube.

Andrey Pushkar: I did not grant to anybody the right to pull out my name in a press! Journalists have muddled all! And in general, I will submit to court on mass-media.

RG: So all of you went to Italy?

the Gunner: To Italy did not go. Helped a colony money. Huge money. 5 million has spent for them! Has constructed both quarantine, and a dining room, and church. Chiefs every day approached: give two thousand, give three! You will refuse - there will be problems. Will send for Ural Mountains. So directly also spoke. Yes I in general under the law as received pozvonochnuju a trauma, could live in a city. And lived in the house for appointments because there worked as the supply manager. Where to me still to be was? And not simply lived, and repaired here these hands of a room for appointments! Then both simple convicts, and their relatives of thanks spoke to me.

Yes, went on the affairs in Moscow. With protection. At my expense, certainly. But I always came back in time. And in exchange from me money pulled. Each days off the account showed local shop to me on expensive cognacs, caviar and other which fed to checks from area. And when I came back in a colony, I was waited by many thousands accounts. Also try not to give. Those who pressed close, brought on intimidation in Brasovo. There in general the field " is pure; and any human conditions. After such re-education even the most greedy instantly became patrons of art. On the heads depends, you will leave on UDO or not. Earlier this procedure occupied half-day. When Fits has come to a colony and others businessmen leaving on UDO it is artificial began to tighten, have entered new procedures. That to us it became clear, for what money we pay.

Igor Fits personally at witnesses gave to me fair officer that else in May me will let out. A penny the price to these oaths! And when, before the clearing, Fits has asked for me 120 thousand roubles on credit all for a month, I guessed that this money I will not see. And from purely sports interest has called it a month later, has taken an interest dolzhkom. He in the answer only has burst out laughing. The bad person this Fits, a radish! (Actually Andrey was expressed much more strong. - JU. S) .

RG: And for what have arrested Igor Fitsa?

the Gunner: Sergey Moroz (the chief of regional management FSIN. - JU. S) Wanted to supervise off-budget fund Fitsa. Here the frost also has started all this leapfrog. Now I am compelled to be protected. After all all were well informed about requisitions. And Office of Public Prosecutor first of all. And have now thought suddenly! At Fitsa of the house have found the TV which I for a colony have bought. You will think! For it to it and conditionally will not give. Will get out all. And my five millionchikov - that is that!

I have called in a press - service FSIN and have asked in surazhskuju a colony that the eyes to see a fantastic mansion Andrey Pushkarja. There should at FSIN be an explanation to this phenomenon - the VIP - otsidke? But the chief a press - services Alexander Kromin was dry and short:

- While there is a consequence, we cannot help you. After court - please, come, photograph, talk.

Well, we accept the offer of the chief a press - services. We will wait for court if it, of course, takes place. By and large to show Fitsu of anything serious it is impossible. Maximum, excess of office powers. Witnesses one after another change indications. The gunner already denies that flied to Italy though showed tickets for the name to the correspondent MK to Eve Merkachevoj.

When the budget not in a condition to provide with computers and a paint, will - bondage you will create off-budget fund. You will surprise nobody with that fact that parents at all Russian schools raise money for repair, for the same TVs, and for expensive gifts to teachers. Even in kindergartens are thrown off on protection and on the award to teachers. What do you want from a colony which by definition is the closed establishment?

But if Fits sits down he cannot participate in replenishment created by it fund. It does not have even car. Sadly, companions convicts!

Shine and poverty of Bryansk colonies

the Chief 3 - j colonies - settlements Igor Fits has deduced the establishment in one of front lines on area. Everywhere there was an order and cleanliness. But very few people guessed that this shine was directed at the expense of means of the well-founded condemned. Them money in off-budget fund for which account the colony practically and contained compelled to pay. On money of convicts - sponsors the paint and building materials, furniture, TVs and washing machines was bought.

Is in areas and other colonies where sponsors are not present. Budget money there does not suffice even on roof repair. Therefore the heads try to distribute swindlers, embezzlers of public funds and other chinovnuju evil spirits in regular intervals on colonies.

In the meantime

While Igor Fitsa`s business grew, in the Volgograd corrective colony N12 the checking commission from regional Office of Public Prosecutor directly in a residential zone has found out confidential appartamenty. Soft sofas have been covered by expensive carpets. In a bar - only top-quality wines, cognacs and whisky. Expensive video equipment, icons, crosses from natural amber. And on walls portraits of criminal authorities, including legendary JAponchika . The price of this a five-stars zone it is found out within the limits of criminal case.