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Regions should increase expenses on treatment of the idle population

From next year to many regions it is necessary to increase expenses on treatment of the idle population. People from it should win. Whether budgets will consult? Time will show.

Minzdravsotsrazvitija has introduced the bill which establishes accurate tariffs for obligatory medical insurance (OMS) the idle population in the State Duma. Its consideration is planned on Friday. About it has told on a press - conferences the director of department of development of medical insurance minzdravsotsrazvitija Vladimir Zelensky.

Now the employer pays for working people payments in fund OMS - 5,1 percent from payment fund, for idle - the regional budget. And everyone establishes the tariff - by the possibilities. As a result the disorder on the country reaches tens times. In one region can list 500 - 1000 roubles a year on idle, in other - 50 000.

As a result it turns out that position in public health services everywhere a miscellaneous. There, where the big transfers from budgets, there both the system is is better organised, and doctors earn more. And there, where copecks, - result corresponding. Though, as Vladimir Zelensky has noted, not all so is unequivocal. As a rule, the poorest regions receive quite good grants from the centre, and payments for idle there can be above, than for working, at which scanty salary. But total sums in dotatsionnyh regions get to public health services the small. Thanks to the new law a situation it is planned to level.

By 2010 expenses on programs of obligatory medical insurance will grow three times - from 540 million to 1,4 trillion roubles

the Document establishes that by 2015 the tariff for idle for the country will be uniform, but adjusted for regional factors. The maximum tariff with the maximum factor - 18,9 thousand roubles for the person in a year (in the north). Minimum - in the central part of Russia - 6,6 thousand roubles (to 18,9 thousand will apply factor 0,33). Thus will reduce a difference between payments for working and idle. Now the employer on the average pays for one worker of 9 thousand roubles in fund OMS, subjects for one idle - 3 thousand.

Since 2015, by calculations minzdravsotsrazvitija, employers will list on the average for one worker of 14 thousand roubles, regions - 7,3 thousand. Thus expenses on programs OMS three times will grow. This year - 540 billion roubles. By 2015 they it is reached 1,4 trillion. However, also money will be spent more widely. For example, in OMS by this time will enter First aid . The system of distribution of means will be other. Now the poorest regions receive grants and after the system will earn, all means will be flown down in federal fund OMS, and from it by already proportional shares, according to specifications, to be distributed on territories.

will gradually Raise the tariff. Since 2013 the public health services will pass to single-channel financing. Now in the area of OMS five items of expenses are paid: the salary, charges on it, medicines, expendable materials and a food of patients. The rest - repair, transport and other - is financed from budgets. Since 2013 all these means will go to fund OMS, and therefrom will already arrive in establishments where people have addressed for the help. Thus the tariff becomes full. The sums, will direct which regional budgets to fund OMS, since 2013 will be set off on account of the tariff for the idle.

That people as a result will win? According to Vladimir Zelensky, in process of increase in financing of public health services new standards of rendering of the medical aid, providing both obligatory inspections, and the best treatment, and increase of the salary to doctors, and more rigid control over quality of their their work will be entered. As to regional budgets, in the ministry do not consider that the increase in tariffs for idle becomes very heavy.