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Kaddafi has died from the wounds received at attempt of flight from Sirta

the Former head of Libya Muamar Kaddafi it is killed .

originally news agencies informed that it was possible to take the former head Dzhamahirii live. Thus they referred to one of field commanders of Transitive national board.

However, as in 17. 00 have informed RIA Novosti news agency, on the way to hospital Misuraty from the wounds received during capture eks - the head of Libya has died. The representative of military management PNS has informed on it. Earlier it was said that Kaddafi has been wounded in both feet and it have taken away in hospital on the carriage “ first aid “.

As has informed ITAR - TASS referring to representative PNS, the colonel after capture by groups of Transitive national board of the city of Sirt tried to disappear together with the assistants. On several tens cars they have gone towards Misuraty. Movement of so large escort has been noticed and after a while it was attacked BY NATO aircraft. In the meantime to a fight place formations of insurgents have appeared in time. They managed to grasp Kaddafi. According to the edition “ Gardian “ that hid in a hole and shouted to soldiers that those did not shoot at it.

In mass-media there was a photo on which as its author confirms, is represented mortally wounded Kaddafi. The picture was made on a mobile phone by one of insurgents. On a photo it is possible to see the blood-stained person of the colonel whom drag to a motor vehicle. It is expected that a body of the colonel deliver for an identification in Misuratu and then will show on national television. To the nation head of PNS Mustafa Abdel Dzhalil has addressed.

In the speech of Dzhalil has confirmed the fact of  destruction of former head Dzhamahirii. According to TV channel “ Al - Dzhazira “ in Sirte one of cousins of Muamara Kaddafi - Ahmed Ibragim also has been caught. In the former Libyan government it supervised the questions connected with an education system, and also tried to run from a city. Are arrested some more person from the nearest environment of the colonel. Among them his son Muatasim and a press - secretary Musa Ibragim. During detention the Minister of Defence svergnutogo a mode of Abu Bakr Junis Dzhaber is killed.

“ Approximately in 8. 30 local time NATO planes have fired at two military - vehicles of supporters of Kaddafi which as a part of a column moved in the disctrict of the city of Sirt “ - the military representative of the NATO colonel Roland Lavua has confirmed. Military head PNS of Libya Abdelhakim Belhadzh on Thursday also has confirmed  destruction under Sirtom of the former Libyan leader. “ Kaddafi it is killed by hands of Libyans. I can confirm it “ - he has told in interview to satellite TV channel “ Al - Dzhazira “. According to Belhadzha, all lately Kaddafi was in Sirte. According to field commander PNS, Kaddafi has got wounds of both feet. Thus agency Rejter informs that svergnutyj the Libyan leader also has been wounded in a head. “ it also has got wound in a head. On its supporters intensive shooting was conducted, and he has died “ - the representative of the National Council has told to agency. He asserts that PNS has photo and video data which can serve as the proof of death of Kaddafi. “ we have a videorecording, but now it is inaccessible “ - the interlocutor of agency has told. Nevertheless Kaddafi under control to supporters the Libyan TV channel denies the message on capture or  destruction of leader Dzhamahirii. “ the Information transferred by henchmen of the NATO about capture or  destruction of the father - head Muamara Kaddafi, is groundless “ - quotes France Presse agency TV channel Al Libya message. As it is marked in the message, the colonel is “ in good health “.

the First on the death of Kaddafi the prime minister - the minister of Italy Silvio Berlusconi has responded. He has declared that with death of the colonel war in Libya, lasting since February of this year, is finished.

Mass protests with the requirement of leaving correcting the country more than 40 years Muamara Kaddafi have begun in Libya in the middle of February. Later they have outgrown in the armed opposition between the governmental forces and opposition. During almost nine months of operations opponents of a mode of Kaddafi managed to establish control almost over all territory of Libya. In the end of August of force of opposition with support of aircraft of the NATO have occupied the Libyan capital Tripoli. However the destiny of Kaddafi remained the unknown person. The part of a family of former leader Dzhamahirii ran to Algeria.

on October, 13th Kaddafi declared transition to guerrilla tactics of war with Transitive national board. It has addressed, in which has proclaimed itself the head of revolt. The colonel declared an award in 500 thousand dollars to all who can grasp in hostages of representatives of high rank PNS. On October, 11th the site of Muamara Kaddafi became known. The tribe tuaregov has informed that the colonel disappears in desert on jugo - the West of Libya. However any actions on capture of Kaddafi till now it was not undertaken. According to the analysts, the new authorities in Tripoli according to the advice of the West did not touch Kaddafi, trying to calm thus a situation in the country.

the Inquiry

Muamar Kaddafi was born on June, 7th 1940 or 1942 in beduinskom a tent to the south of the city of Sirta. His family belonged to berberskomu to a tribe al - kaddafa. Remembering the childhood, Kaddafi spoke: “ We, beduiny, enjoyed freedom among the nature, all was pervozdanno pure. Between us and the sky there were no barriers “. The family constantly wandered, and small Muamaru had to change one school for another.

In a youth of Kaddafi the Egyptian leader Gamal Abdel Naser inspired. In 1956 he participated in the Antiisraeli protest actions. In 1959 it becomes one of active workers of the underground organisation created in Sebhe. In two years they have carried out the first action against an exit of Syria from structure of Incorporated Arabian Republic. It has come to the end with long speech of the main organizer of action of Muamara Kaddafi.

In October of the same year Kaddafi has organised and became the head of demonstration in support of the Algerian revolution which has quickly outgrown in antimonarchistic performance. For it him have arrested and have sent from Sebhi. It has moved at first in Misuratu, and then to Bengasi where in a rank of the lieutenant has ended military college. A year later it has passed retraining in Great Britain.