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It will be possible to pay off for a kindergarten with the parent capital

Pay off with the parent capital for reception of formation by the child can not only the parent, on whose name is written out the certificate, but also the student. Besides, this money can be spent for payment of stay of children in a kindergarten.

Such amendments to use rules matkapitala on formation reception are prepared minobrnauki. Confirms rules the government.

Now with high school or average educational institution on training of the child on commercial branch that parent should conclude the contract, on whose name the certificate on reception of the parent capital stood out. As a rule, it is mum.

This rigid enough order quite often establishes inconveniences for a family. For example, if the child arrives to study in other city, parents should accompany it to sign necessary papers. One more reason, on which family it is necessary to think over, whose signature should stand on the contract, it is possibility of reception of a tax deduction from the sums spent for study.

we Will remind, earlier similar problems already dared with use of family money for habitation acquisition. For example, there were complexities when the mortgage loan has been issued on the father, and to extinguish his family intended by means of the certificate which has been given out to mother. It is clear that it has demanded changes in rules, as has been made still two years ago.

Now minobrnauki has suggested to use more flexible approach and for those cases when the family capital is used in the educational purposes. In particular, at registration of contracts for study.

According to the brought amendments, the contract with educational institution on training can conclude any of parents or the student (truth, only in the event that it has already reached majority).

One more amendment to rules is necessary to reduce term between filing of application to use of parent money in the Pension fund and their transfer in educational institution. It is important that the student could easy and start study in time.

At last, one more important change in operating rules concerns doshkoljat. Now parent money can be spent for reception of paid services by children of any age - whether it be study at institute, lycee or a grammar school, music school. Stay in usual kindergartens did not join till now in this list, though is real doshkoljata have training there preparation for school, learn to read, write, consider. (We even have such concept, as the general educational program of preschool education ) .

Now the blank with kindergartens will be eliminated. The family can pay off with parent money not only for educational services of paid establishments, but also for stay (and, naturally, training) children in usual municipal gardens.

In the ministry have specified that changes in use rules matkapitala are prepared on the instructions of the president which it has given after one of joint sessions of the State Council and the Commission on realisation of priority national projects and the demographic policy in the beginning of 2011. So there are bases to assert that all these offers will earn already in the near future.

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matkapitala the family receives the Right to reception, when in it the second or subsequent child is born. These payments are released from surtax. The sum matkapitala is annually indexed. In 2007 it made 250 000 rbl., in 2008 - 276 250 rbl., in 2009 - 312 162 rub, in 2010 - 343 378 rbl., in 2011 - 365 698 rbl.