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On October, 21st in the Crocus of City the Hall Peter Nalich will present new release Overseas

the Prime minister is appointed to October, 21st, and Peter Nalicha`s Musical collective already with might and main rehearses new songs.

How many they will sound: one, two or three - it is not known yet. - the director of group Dmitry Ivanov Has specified to an observer. - we and did not hasten earlier anywhere, had no contracts and rigid terms of release of albums on a record - labels. Did all to the heart`s content. And disk Overseas which we will present in the Crocus for the first time we want to extend only as iTunes - loading.

the New album is new only on half. Musicians MKPN have told that songs will enter into release with Pleasures of plain songs and Cheerful baburej . However the main treasure Overseas   - those tracks, which else nobody heard: It is some Petinyh of house amateur compositions .

And the present album will not extend in formats habitual to all music fans: CD, DVD or at least in the form of paid digital loading. Owners " can buy and listen to it only; ajfonov . Actually, in such decision there is nothing unexpected. As Peter Nalich and was before one of the main innovators in technologies among modern musicians.

It it was untwisted by the first only thanks to the unique amateur clip Guitar which laid out on YouTube and has collected record number of viewings. It at it in structure MKPM at once eight musicians that very few people to itself(himself) presumes, preferring economy - and Nalich and to think of the similar commercial logic does not want. Now here the first among our bottoms - fate of musicians it lets out iTunes an album. And again it is interesting to all to know - that will turn out from this invention?!   and the main thing, what will throw out Nalich then?!