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In Russia there will be a uniform data-processing centre about threats on the Internet

In minkomsvjazi have become interested in idea of the organisation in Russia a uniform data-processing centre about threats on the Internet.

While such general service is not present, which would accept signals from users of the Network about occurrence of viruses, the Internet - swindle. However head minkomsvjazi Igor Schegolev has reminded that now all - taki is channels of feedback at law enforcement bodies, there are ministry and Roskomnadzora resources. All of them are opened and accessible.

In turn the director of the Coordination centre of the national domain of a network the Internet Andrey Kolesnikov has told that it is a question of creation of public organisation which will unite the companies, users and the state. It should be the analytical resource where will publish conclusions and opinions of experts on harmful programs and the information. There will be also a classified information on technical wrecking for providers and for law enforcement bodies about crimes. But speech about drawing up of black or white lists of resources of speech does not go, Kolesnikov has told.

Igor Schegolev has once again confirmed that the authorities do not intend to do the Internet by an adjustable zone. we would not like to break that environment which develops substantially spontaneously. At that stage when it becomes clear that necessity for regulation of those or other aspects exists, we will do it. But it is impossible to mix necessity of settlement of those or other conflicts which exist irrespective of the Internet and are shown including in the Network, with regulation of the Internet. We consider that those offences which are made, should be pursued. As to copyrights our approach is that that it is difficult to apply those tools which have developed in a XIX-th century, to realities of a century of the XXI-st century. We consider that many things arise spontaneously, in this direction it is necessary to operate and modify the legislation. If in the street have plundered a cash dispense, it in the same way as if at someone have cracked a personal purse on the Internet. It is necessary to struggle joint efforts of different state departments, and we count on user support - the minister has told, answering a question at opening of conference RIW - 2011.

in Russia the Internet audience is estimated in 50 million persons. Thus there is enormous, milliard, yet an audience not counted up precisely Russian-speaking all over the world which daily uses the resources open by the domestic companies. Thus Internet safety issues leave on the foreground. But to provide with its forces of one state it is impossible, as it is a global resource, Schegolev is assured. Thus, according to the representative of the Russian association of electronic communications Michael Yakushev, the Internet - the community has already defined spheres which demand legislation completion. So, as he said, first of all, it is necessary to come to use of uniform and exact terminology in laws, and also to fix a priority of development the Internet - technologies.

Also it is necessary to finish the laws connected with questions of jurisdiction as the Internet allows to make offences in territory of one country, being in another. According to Yakushev, in specification, to interaction of law enforcement bodies about the Internet - the companies, to actions of mass-media the legislation concerning electronic (remote) trade needs a network also.

As to tendencies on the Internet the minister has noted increase of appeal of our resources and our projects at foreign level. The western players, independent brands for our market as consider come to Russia also that here it is possible both to earn money, and to search for any new ideas .