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The Minister of Defence will pay to the officers who have remained behind staff more than 6 months

Thousand officers the suitable post in army was not which yet, can sigh with relief. Without means of support their families will not leave.

to the Correspondent in the Ministry of Defence have told that to commanders of parts and army establishments have allowed to prolong the order a financial contentment of such military men and after 6 months of a finding on hand .

they not will receive However, the absolute salary, and only salaries on a former post, the military rank and the established percent for available length of service. To charge to officers before new appointment other extra charges, for example, for special conditions of service or work with classified documents, zashtatnikam it is not necessary.

the Occasion to alarm at so-called rasporjazhentsev has appeared after instructions not to pay a monetary contentment to those who is behind staff of military units and establishments more than 6 months.

For people ignorant we will explain - if the officer or the commander has not appointed the ensign to a concrete post half a year the purse sluzhivogo all the same regularly replenishes from army treasury. Stars on epaulets and a former post guarantee to it an obligatory monthly pay.

In days of old later 6 months this sum was sharply reduced - to the officer already paid only for a military rank. But vacant places in army then sufficed, and time idleness for sluzhivogo, as a rule, for a long time it was not tightened.

Now a situation in Armed forces other. Army have fine reduced, but with dismissal of several thousand officers have decided to wait a little. To someone personnel officers now look for a post. Others have left on hand to the decision of a housing question. With the third there are still any questions. Difficulty of the moment that can hold the person behind staff very long. Thus it remains to military men with all that it implies and restrictions.

the Main thing from them is will lock to combine service with civil work. If the officer breaks the given requirement, the commander has the right to terminate with it the contract.

In that case the person loses not only some social privileges, but also, for example, prospect to receive from the Minister of Defence free habitation.

it is clear that to dare at so desperate step are ready not all, and officers long months it is obedient the decision of the army fate wait.

When the Minister of Defence pays to you though any money, half a year can be lived without additional earnings. But, if post or dismissal expectation is stretched for years, the patience quickly comes to an end.

That is why financially - prohibitive instructions rasporjazhentsy have apprehended as blow under dyh. Among them conversations have gone that thus in the Minister of Defence try to solve a problem of superfluous shots. A pier, what for to generals compulsorily to dismiss the person when it is possible to make so that he itself will run away from hopelessness of a situation from army.

However in the most military department with such statement of a question categorically do not agree. The ill-starred instructions not to pay money rasporjazhentsam on the half a year expiration there consider misinterpreted. And army financiers in general deny the participation in preparation of such document. To whom so artful scheme of officer calculation and who has palmed off for the signature on the heads this paper has come to mind, the Minister of Defence, of course, will understand.

the Main thing that the instructions any more have no validity. The scandalous decision is literally in a week after issue has been cancelled, and instead of it to commanders have given out new - to pay to officers the money on hand put by it.