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Migrants in capital can oblige leave fingerprints

In Moscow the dactyloscopy for the foreigners who are getting a job in a city can to be entered. However, with the reservation, this measure concerns only the foreigners arriving on earnings in capital from the countries jugo - the east.

Now UFMS for Russia across Moscow in common with capital management of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia prepares in FMS Russia offers on introduction of a compulsory procedure of dactyloscopy for foreigners and persons without citizenship at delivery of work permits. As consider law enforcement bodies, such measure will help to make a database of all migrants coming to capital. In the future such measure will help to generate a database of the foreign citizens involved in offences, and as consequence to raise raskryvaemost crimes among this category of citizens. It is no secret that according to the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs of Moscow of an order of 70 percent of grave crimes made in capital, it is made by guest workers.

for this purpose, employers will oblige to register employed foreigners in a place of stay in premises, suitable for constant residing. Thus possibility of time registration to legal addresses of the enterprises and the organisations will be excluded. Will leave fingerprints the policeman and the migrants caught on a scene of crime. As it is planned to strengthen check of authenticity of medical inquiries on a state of health of the migrants arriving to Moscow for employment. After all according to department of public health services of the capital, almost every third guest worker arriving from Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kirghizia, China and other can be the carrier of such dangerous diseases as a tuberculosis, AIDS and other.