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The Moscow pedestrian crossings will transform into underground cities

Between the Moscow State University of a name of Lomonosov, circus on Vernadsky`s prospectus, Natalia Sats`s musical theatre and metro station University there can be an underground transition with trading complexes, public caterings and parkings. Such offer was stated yesterday to journalists by the head of department of a town-planning policy of Moscow Sergey Levkin.

As he said than to build separately underground transitions and to withdraw in a tunnel the Lomonosovsky prospectus under Vernadsky`s prospectus, it is better to unite these projects. Moreover to involve investors, to build at the expense of business. The uniform underground space with an infrastructure will turn out. The same student will not waste time on searches of grocery shop, and will buy kefir or a bagel in an underground market. According to Levkin while an underground city - only idea, but it will be reported in the near future to the mayor.

There is a weight of examples when cities, having mastered territories over the earth, went down downwards: Paris, London, Berlin, - Levkin explains. - at us a problem in absence of the federal law, concerning use of underground spaces under vacant territory. But this question needs to be solved, as Moscow does not have other exit

As Levkin, according to accepted in Moscow of a government program " has told; the Town-planning policy on 2012 - 2016 for five years it is supposed to construct 13 million square metres of habitation. It will allow to leave on new level of security habitation - 24 sq. m. on the person, instead of 19 metres, as now. Besides, other indicators are planned also: only 13 percent of Muscovites in remote areas will appear without the underground, average speed in rush hour of city buses will grow to 18 km at an o`clock. The quantity of parkings will increase twice, and 85 percent of city buildings will be accessible to invalids.

the Basic building is planned to develop on suburbs of a city and in industrial zones.

On each industrial zone the separate decision will be accepted, - Levkin has explained. - therefore I can tell about ZIL - its territory, probably, will leave under educational campuses. In particular, possibility of the arrangement in this territory is considered by the economy Higher school. Two more industrial targets are taken under special control: rubbish incinerator plant in Rudnevo and the Moscow oil refining factory. The destiny of the first will dare in the near future, as to the second it is strategically important for a city, therefore remains on a place .

the City centre, according to the program, will be kept. 7048 objects of a cultural heritage, from them 2718 - federal value, 1807 - regional value are subject to restoration. On a technical condition of 248 objects it is recognised by emergency, 1035 - in a satisfactory condition. Obsolete outcomes on MKADe will be modernised the next years. It is supposed to make all congresses directed, instead of klevernymi . The first will apply an innovation on the Leningrad, Warsaw and Kashirsky highway. For these and similar works from the budget it will be directed 63 billion roubles.