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Dmitry Medvedev publishes the shorthand report of a meeting of Dmitry Medvedev with the supporters

Yesterday has met representatives of Public committee of supporters. the idea of creation " became the Point of issue, in particular; the big government . The head of the state has put forward the given initiative past Saturday.

the Public committee urged to develop offers on state administration reform, and also to offer the tools of feedback providing involving of citizens in managerial process by the country.

* * *

Here we have very different people: it both representatives of regions, and municipalities, both journalists, and public figures, and deputies of the State Duma, businessmen, representatives of creative trades, here are also my colleagues on pre-election struggle, I mean party an United Russia but not only. But anyway everything for the sake of what we have met today, finally is all - taki too struggle, not necessarily political, but it is struggle for the best future of our country. At all of us always was in struggle terminology, we as - that on - to another and are not able to think, though in it there is, maybe, such press chrezvychajshchiny which is not pleasant to me, will frankly tell. But even our lexicon under it is arranged, therefore I too have not avoided these terms.

Anyway we should move forward. I would like, that we have discussed how us to be engaged in modernisation of our state and our society the next years with the account of that political configuration which can arise but only in the event that we will successfully act on elections - and on elections in December, and, of course, on elections in March.

the Purposes which all of us before ourselves put, of course, quite ambitious, but in general they quite noble and for them it is necessary to be overcome. That it is necessary for us, I will not repeat once again, everything, in general, understand, about what there is a speech: it is the new, modern economy ground on intellectual advantage, instead of on our raw possibilities; these are modern democratic institutes which exist not only on a paper. Though I am far from thought that our democratic institutes work today only on a paper, differently I simply would not work in the power, and, probably, would adjoin any other political movement. But I consider that our political institutes work, work neidealno and frequently suffer the big set of problems. As them to eliminate - besides a separate theme, a theme of that we have discussed.

That is necessary still? Effective social policy which is focused on a large quantity of our people which reflects representation of almost all social groups is necessary. I think that it cannot be ground only on any one group.

Certainly, we should be engaged in in what it is necessary to be engaged, namely to eliminate poverty in our country and to expand borders of so-called middle class. It is obvious that until it will not occur, it is necessary to think and of the most deprived people and to try to make their life stabler, more attractive, more modern.

We need to think, of course, and of veterans. It is clear that each society cares of old men, it is normal. And, actually, all of us should think that will be with us through any time because all at first young, and then all become already completely not young.

We need to think of invalids. At us a considerable quantity of invalids in the country. Also it is people active, creative, but, unfortunately, owing to known public laws and legal laws they are no means always involved in normal modern life, and they would like to be engaged in it. We repeatedly discussed it. It is necessary to think how correctly to structure the legislation on invalids and how correctly to carry out it.

the international world - separate, very difficult theme for our country where there lives a considerable quantity of the people where many faiths practise, a society which is closed in which the same processes and threats which exist today and in other states wander is necessary To us. In general, we on these calls need to be answered resolute and effective, instead of simply to say that we build any harmonious world, and that has not turned out during the Soviet period, it can turn out at us. We need to feel, as it to do.

Political institutes, judicial system, law enforcement bodies, fair police, special services - all it should be in sight not only the states, but also societies.

Strong army in which we have started to be engaged on - new last years, - too very important institute of our public life. We need to make so (anyway this my belief; I hope that you too in it support me) that those transformations which have passed in army, have not disappeared, because that some my colleagues who consider expenses on Armed forces as waste spoke, I consider essentially differently.

We have really started to reform Armed forces, the fighting spirit there has really changed that, by the way, has been shown and in 2008, but not only in 2008. There other salaries or a monetary contentment, there other mood, there other technics. Without army any country, especially such huge, difficult, with the nuclear weapon as we, cannot exist.

Here themes, which to you too well-known. On any of these that I would like, that - if you will have a desire - you expressed.

the advanced international relations, relations with the whole world are necessary To us, they should be based upon mutual respect, on a recognition, naturally, the state sovereignty and at the same time on mutual enrichment. We cannot spend modernisation without the help and support of other countries.

it is not necessary to be under a delusion, the Iron Curtain has helped nobody, and theories of independent development led public systems up a blind alley, but such help, of course, should be correct, should be claimed, should be based on equality of partnership in this sphere.

For the last years I too tried to build herein relations with the whole world: And with the world of the western civilisation, and east civilisation, and with our partners in integration associations. I hope that we can be engaged and further this theme, once again I repeat, because from with surrounding countries we are in what relations, very many depends.

That I still can tell in the beginning. Certainly, I am assured, all who are present here, consider that our nation, at those who lives in Russia, has very good future, even in spite of the fact that we sometimes do not like that occurs in the country, or that occurs behind its limits.

We in no event cannot move back back. And the basic fears which now soar in air: how it will be in a new political configuration, what it means, it is all - taki advance or any stop in ways, stagnation? Analogies to Brezhnev`s period are drawn. I already spoke about it when we met supporters in Digital October : all analogies limp, they are senseless, because we in other country live, in other world, ourselves others, at us other social order, at us other economic relations, but all of us equally, of course, need to remember that was during the Soviet period.

And any stagnation or any stagnation are simply inadmissible, it would not be accompanied by what beautiful words. We should move forward, move confidently - can be, in any questions gradually, but steadily. This my credo, and me would be desirable, that all of us from this proceeded, that we operated consistently and persistently in achievement of the purposes.

Unreasoned measures anyway to what good do not conduct though sometimes it would be desirable that reforms were faster that the political system changed that economic relations developed, but not all in our hands in this plan because if to speak about economy, that, clearly is better faster, we are very strongly fastened on world around, and, as though we tried to overcome consequences of a global economic crisis, we understand that depending on that will be created outside of our country, it will dictate also speed of our growth, our restoration, rates of increase of gross national product, inflation decrease, the decision of the most different socially - economic problems.

Anyway developing campaign for elections in the State Duma is a fine occasion to rethink a situation and to think of the future. And in it a main objective of our today`s meeting - to sum up and at the same time to form certain approaches on the future.

you know, I now head the list an United Russia . The party list has been registered yesterday [in the Central Electoral Commission]. Certainly, the main task for party consists in winning the majority in parliament. But, as I already could tell yesterday, it should be made is transparent, fairly. Such possibilities at an United Russia is.

How many an United Russia criticised, but it is party which all - taki enjoys the greatest support of people, and no special political strategies, especially administrative resource to win a victory are necessary to it. It is assured that this victory will be, and it will be provided by lawful means.

This victory will give the chance to generate the new Government - the Government which will be, I hope, to consist of the young vigorous, modern people thinking first of all about the country. Certainly, it depends on how voters because our voters to define destiny of our country will vote.

Now two words apropos big or expanded, the governments. I, of course, did not mean growth of officials. As soon as this idea has appeared, its steels on - to a miscellaneous to interpret that, in general, probably, normally. I, on the contrary, believe that the bureaucratic kernel of the such government should be absolutely compact, inexpensive, easy for tax bearers, for all our citizens.

That is very important - just about what we spoke (with those who was in Digital October ) Is a system of feedback. Once again would like to underline that the feedback system, maybe, to the greatest degree limps in our society and owing to the historical reasons, and owing to imperfection, probably, our today`s work. How to create such system of feedback: affairs, council, the critical approach, - I very much would like to discuss with you.

And all this work can become a part of the big public mechanism - I underline, the big public mechanism. Because the big reforms, the big transformations, modernisation cannot be made by narrow group of people. We know, than the reformatory projects imposed from above for which nobody votes which are necessary to nobody, - come to an end any with full fiasco. Our life has a large quantity of examples to it.

Therefore I in this activity, maybe, it will sound too so obshcho, but I would like to lean against almost all public forces, first of all, of course, and on fraction an United Russia and on [National] front, and on expert community, and on the non-governmental organisations, on the civil unions, and even on representatives of those parties who do not sympathise, for example, our activity if they to it have a desire because always there are questions on which it is possible to reach the compromise and which unite any political forces.

When I meet heads of parliamentary parties, sometimes and in general all parties, that is theme which are obvious to us, on which at us absolutely same position. It basically, of course, the international questions because all over the world it is accepted to criticise own government and the president in the country, but, being outside, all - taki to defend interests of the state. To this culture, by the way, I consider, we still all need to learn. At us very often various political and semipoliticians, going abroad, on a habit, since the XIX-th century, start to criticise own state, to speak about what it imperfect, how much it disgusting, corrupted and as it is important that this or that foreign power has helped to struggle with this government. These are all have thought up in the end of the XIX-th century - we remember, in what conditions, and we know, in what it has resulted. I not to criticising the international course, simply sometimes are surprised to how some my colleagues behave, being abroad, in relation to own Fatherland. But that is called, God it the judge.

We should discuss today as such system of public communications will work that for this purpose it is necessary. I very much would ask you to express on this theme, irrespective of who occupies what positions.

last years for me as person who watches closely a public glade enough, it is a lot of conversations on accruing branch of power structures from a society, from public interests, about management supercentralization, that all of us have too twirled (as a result public activity has decayed), about deafness and callousness of the authorities. Know, at me such relation to it. I do not consider correct all to paint in black tone. It is not present. I even will tell more - can be, present with me will disagree, - as it is paradoxical, but to reach the authorities, the different authorities, beginning from poselkovyh and finishing even the President of the country, now easier, than in 90 - e years, and especially if to compare to the Soviet period. Basically chances to reach any level of the power are at all. A question just absolutely in other - that people write also to the rural head, and to the President, the Chairman of the Government, and efficiency of these references is insignificant. Here it is a real problem.

it is the Extremely bad that that any public mechanisms have started moving, it is necessary to interfere to the higher authorities. It is a sign of an inefficiency of system of the power as a whole when to solve an elementary question, it is necessary to address to the President, the Chairman of the Government or even to the governor of large region.

Besides, though we who here are present, all are - forgive, I will use such term - one command conceiving very close: here there are governors of different regions and very large regions, and not only governors, but also heads of municipalities, heads of cities, mayors - and all like the big chiefs, all make very important decisions. But let`s face the truth: who from governors to me will tell, what on all questions on you consult? There is no such. Very often even governors learn about the accepted decisions which concern them personally, from mass media. Not about what, let us assume, will be socially - a political policy the next ten years though it too is very important, and not about the international decisions, I underline, about concrete economic decisions. That is and the authorities are aloof from each other. All governors who here are present, - we regularly communicate. But even with with whom I communicate often, and that drop out of a global communication stream.

It means that our mechanisms bad, do not work. What to speak about public communications between representatives of the power and business, art workers, trade unions, public structures? It frequently has simply decorative character. Understand, I, of course, call not for, that on kazhdomu to a question any representative public striations (systems) addressed directly to the President, it just the worst variant. Such system which allows to solve an elementary question at necessary and sufficient level is simply necessary. Here it at us is not present. If we do not make it, we will not have a normal development. I do not speak, of course, about ordinary citizens regardless to they concern what class. I do not speak about needy, I do not speak about aged people, about children. Here separate and even more difficult history. It just, probably, that should unite us in our work.

We cannot solve our political problems only by means of any one resource, even the most powerful, television type though the television already like as well as on a background departs, there is an Internet, there are other ways of communications, but all the same the majority of people the television looks. It not unique and, probably, not the main resource for the decision of the most different problems. Here therefore to create such big platform, I and apply to you to help me with this work.

Some specific proposals that we need to do. The first. We need to update our strategic programs of development. It does not mean that our strategy are incorrect. No, they, in general, quite get, but on the other hand - we move on these strategy very slowly, and, except that, life introduces the corrective amendments. Moreover, long-term plans, after all they therefore and long-term that are created for a long time. The part from them has been generated, when Vladimir Putin was the President of the country, the part from them has been generated in a present selective cycle. But all need to be updated it regularly and, the most important thing to make their applied, that is suitable for modernisation. Here it seems to me very important.

the Second. I would like to discuss with you a theme of creation working the big government . The concept including the concept of deep reform of administration managerial control, the government, reform and modernisation of power structures, clarification of these structures if want is For this purpose necessary. And this theme needs to be discussed as much as possible widely and to use here the most different resources: both real resources, and virtual resources, both party, and independent.

the Third. It is very important to involve as much as possible people in this work, it is as much as possible organisations, including with the help the Internet - technologies about which necessity of use so we long spoke during a meeting in Digital October and which, of course, we will use.

the Fourth. We need to generate a personnel reserve of all levels to create here it big or expanded, the government. It is the major theme. I tried to create a personnel resource all these years, a reserve. I can not tell that this reserve absolutely is absent, but with it there are big problems. We concede on this question and the most developed democracies, and even as it is sad, on certain positions to our predecessors from Soviet Union. Yes, there there was a selection, the system of social lifts which is not necessary, but this system was. At us it high-grade is not present, though in territories much, by the way, it works not bad with reference to regional conditions.

the Fifth. We need to participate in elections, and I invite all who has a desire, as a matter of fact, within the limits of this election campaign to be my authorised representatives not only in legal sense of this word, but also in actual sense of this word: to meet people, to speak with them about problems, to listen to criticism to the authorities and to the President, the Governments and to share our plans.

On snack I will tell one thing which, naturally, all wait, I mean those who analyzes our last meetings. I do not know, how at us formation of it " will turn out; the big government though I am assured that we can make the interesting working mechanism. But if at us it will turn out, if we successfully act on elections, and I am assured that every chance for this purpose is, in this case the part present, of course, will be invited by me in those or other structures of the government, beginning from small the Governments   (any ministries and departments) and finishing other organisations because adherents with whom you can divide responsibility for the major processes in which you are engaged are always necessary. Such purpose seems to me absolutely correct.

But even if we will take place this stage how we want - once again I repeat, I do not have in it doubts, - that this public committee which is present today here, I suggest it not to dismiss. Because differently it is such next pre-election signboard that is called, popolzovalsja - and has told all many thanks, reading and writing has signed for participation in election campaign.

I Consider that such public committee does not need to be dismissed, and it needs to be made a constant advisory body at the Government. It does not mean, of course, that it should substitute the Government, but anyway with reasonable periodicity such public committee could spend the sessions, meet a management of the Government and even in this public committee it was possible to generate those or other groups. The part of the present could head these groups if by then, of course, will not move on the state positions.   As here there are people, which already and so them occupy.

in general, I wanted to tell a little - as a result have told much. I promise what more today to speak almost I will not be. I hope that basically you will act, but upon termination of conversation I, of course, will bring short results. Remarks to exchange then we will not be not to brake process. Please, to everybody to begin? I ask you.

V.Gruzdev: Dear Dmitry Anatolevich!

In - the first, it is healthy that you have agreed that such Public committee will be created. Why? We have time - seven months - before formation of the new Government. The government will be formed for the first time for new term - six-year; the President is selected for new six-year term, and it is really next call.

such long-term program Should be created, and the Public committee should work as mega - the searcher if to speak modern words, he should search for new people, search for new ideas, define need. You said that is very frequent we up to the end we do not understand need of each concrete person, municipality, region, and after all of this need there is one big government program.

Here I should tell that on June, 3rd this year you on a visit had inhabitants of village Nenashevo of the Tula area, and they asked stadium to construct. I want to tell to you that they transfer you the big words of gratitude. On Monday we have opened this stadium. This small village - 670 persons, but this stadium became, know, such centre of gravity for all nearby villages, municipal union which includes 2,5 thousand persons.

D.Medvedev: Good fellows that have opened, but it (I can not be kept) just an example of, it is not necessary how finally to work because to open this stadium, inhabitants of village Nenashevo needed to come here and to tell: we do not have stadium .

V.Gruzdev: It is truth, Dmitry Anatolevich, but here the primary goal of Public committee - to develop those ideas which then will lay down in the big program of the modern and new Government. I, probably, even would name it not only big but also opened the Government because it too is very important. It is important, that the need of each person and need of each region were heard by the authorities and that automatically how much it is possible, the system worked as a whole.

But for successful work, it seems to me, there should be a co-ordinator. Michael Abyzov has suggested to create such Public committee and, it seems to me that it here the young man, effective, at it is enough wide experience of work both in business, and in state, and in the semistate companies and that is called, it can be such our strong public co-ordinator. It seems to me, the sense from this will turn out.

D.Medvedev: As the person the position at once changes. Vladimir Sergeevich still too was recently the young man, and now became the governor and speaks: Abyzov young . (Laughter.)

V.Gruzdev: I have not ceased to be young. It the person of our generation is truth. I know Michael not the first year and, in general - that, knew, how it worked in the middle of 90 - h years, in hard times, therefore I can recommend this person, understanding that business in which he is engaged, will be solved.

D.Medvedev: Well, the idea is. Michael Anatolevich, you as concern this idea? Because on such positions it is impossible to come simply because you named in the presence of the President. You are ready to be engaged in it?

M.Abyzov: Dmitry Anatolevich, the offer of colleagues - for me is a great honour and responsibility. If you the corresponding decision is accepted, I am ready to work for realisation of those declared purposes on work of Public committee which have been proclaimed. I understand that work difficult, but here the correct formulation.

the Problem which you have put - to create not any bureaucratic platform, any new administrative superstructure and system. The problem among colleagues and adherents - to organise the next six months such work which would help to develop the program, including the program for the new Government, to verify it on priorities. From this point of view koordinatorskaja and organising functions should be. Let`s together try it realise, if will be on that your corresponding decision.

D.Medvedev: That is you are ready?

V.Gruzdev: At it the exit is not present, Dmitry Anatolevich.

D.Medvedev: to Business it is to yours will not prevent? And that we opened recently very good serious object, then will tell: Have pulled out me to be engaged in any public work, as a result I have lost money, still something .

M.Abyzov: we Will consult, Dmitry Anatolevich.

D.Medvedev: that so think, already well. Please, we will continue conversation, I ask.

D.Azarov: Dear Dmitry Anatolevich! Dear colleagues! Good afternoon! The head of city district Samara - Dmitry Azarov. Dmitry Anatolevich, first of all I want to thank for possibility of participation in a today`s meeting. For me it is important also because those ideas which have stated on Saturday which we discuss today, are very close also to me personally, and that work which today we conduct in the city of Samara.

We today together with inhabitants, together with public organisations, about the Internet - community work over creation of the city government, we it named, truth, on - to another hardly earlier, it such shadow - the electronic government . The name big it is pleasant to me more, but has put not in the name. Has put, probably, and truth, that today in each city there is a considerable quantity of competent, professional, thoughtful, not indifferent people which are ready to give the offers which are ready to think and   to realise ideas under the decision of the major questions for this or that city or settlement.

In my opinion, it is very important to learn today this potential of all Russians as much as possible to use for the state, municipal management, for country development as a whole. We in Samara now are engaged in it. At me the meeting with Samara blogerami is literally on Friday, for example, they will present the city model of such government.

Here that is still important, in my opinion. It is important, that these ideas it was possible to inform and to federal officials. For municipalities, for cities, areas, certainly, it is very important, that they could represent the ideas at federal level. Before me the governor acted, but to governors it is easier in this plan.

And local authorities, that which is the closest to people, that which urged to defend first of all interests of the people living in this or that territory, this already to make more difficult. Samara - a big city, additional possibilities is. And if to speak about small cities, about people who there live?

Therefore, Dmitry Anatolevich, (you spoke about it how much I have understood), of course, very important that such channel of communications would appear.

I not simply understand that it is necessary, not simply I support ideas which have stated, I am ready actively it is possible to get into gear, as a matter of fact, to think of creation of such municipal portal within the limits of idea realisation the big government . It is assured that with the colleagues in Association of cities of the Volga region which I head, in the Union of the Russian cities we can discuss and develop offers on this theme in enough deadlines. Thanks for attention.

D.Medvedev: Thanks. That I can tell concerning the channel. Certainly, it is necessary, here again doubts are not present, all just for it act, the main thing that this channel was effective because all of us lately, following a certain fashion (in this sense I I am not ashamed to tell that I was partly the fashion-maker in this sphere), have got blogs, tvitter - accounts, began to participate in social networks. This in itself is not harmfully exact, because see other picture, on - to another all perceive. It began to be pleasant to many governors.

So, Alexander Nikolaevich? At you all with itself? Even those people of whom I also could not think earlier that they will start to use it, use. And people know that it is possible to reach. When I in Digital October talked, gave an example how complain of chiefs through a social network, speak: Here we will write to the President . This system Also starts to turn. The main thing that it was effective. We will go further. Please, I ask you.

P.Astakhov: Dmitry Anatolevich, to tell the truth, I almost feel two years your authorised representative, at least in questions of protection of children. Thanks that you have entrusted me and trust.

Actually about what you have told - about struggle (though all know that life is struggle), it goes. Besides, not only struggle - war goes every day both for children, and against children, struggle follows the rights, and for the places struggle goes in places too. What is important? That you have created unique feedback. It really is.

Perhaps, it and is bad, when the President solves municipality questions, instead of there, in the Samara municipality, chapter the first reacts. But it is, all know it. All know that there is a communication with the President that this question will be solved, there is a possibility to reach. I feel it simply every day in the work.

The day before yesterday I have arrived from Nizhni Novgorod. A family with 11 children move from 3 - room apartment where they were, from emergency fund, in 20 - letrovuju a room. And they believe that the President will hear, because vitse - the mayor on social problems, vitse - the governor on social problems, the minister of a social development of the region, speak: We have made all for this family that is possible . I speak: If you have made everything, you can leave . Understand?

It is found out, what even the earth to give your commission to them has executed nobody. Have deceived, have told that if take the earth lose turn on apartment. 11 children, here such, maL it is small less. We have solved this question because there is your mandate, and all know that everything, it is necessary to execute. Will give apartment.

But I not about it. It excuse, a little bit about the personal. I about that. That all - taki all state work, in my opinion, as lawyer is, of course, penetrated by legal thought, legal practice and a legal outline. And today there is no modern state which would construct differently the work because only the law can level all. Only the law is the unique standard before which all should be equal.

to you separately many thanks that you from the moment of our meeting six years ago when we were crossed, discussing that feedback, how to help as it is possible bolshemu for number of our citizens to reach, be heard, simply to receive a legal aid, have not receded on millimetre. Therefore it is very important - to be consecutive. You it differ. You the lawyer. To me it is very pleasant that here it is a lot of lawyers, my colleagues whom, I will not hide, really brilliant, good lawyers of our modern Russia.

I believe that in this committee, in it the big government we together if we take this direction and will tell, we will show, we will teach and we will oblige those who should observe laws, instead of mislead citizens as it is necessary to observe the law as it is necessary to carry out it. Because without people the law is dead that to sense from our formation that to sense from those laws which we will write, and, by the way, at us basically very modern and powerful legislation, it answers the best legislative systems of the developed states of the world as it is accepted to speak.

Yes, it needs perfection, yes, changes are made, but it is so much, how many for last four years, and especially in the last two days changes has been brought at the initiative of Dmitry Anatolyevich Medvedev - the lawyer inherently, probably, for last 100 years has not been made, you excuse. It occurs, it should occur - the modern state should live under modern laws, by modern rules, all people should know it, it should feel all. They should understand that the state costs on their guard.

And that a large quantity of letters, the large quantity of references increases is just an indicator of that work - that is conducted. When all was deafly, all doors have been closed, offices are curtained off, then there was no place to reach, and people understood: What will I write, and what I will complain? I will vegetate here the century where was born - there and has fitted . It is not present today. All know that it is possible to reach, and to reach in an office of the President.

Therefore, I consider that have correctly told that our work should be absolutely opened, absolutely clear and to be under construction under those laws which already are that these laws worked for people for what you and I call.

D.Medvedev: Pavel Alekseevich, thanks. I thought, we will do without today komplimentarnosti though it always any person to hear pleasantly.

P.Astakhov: It is impossible in this case. Forgive, from me seldom who hears compliments. Truth?

D.Medvedev: I to you will fairly tell, I wanted as polite person to answer you a compliment a compliment. I am glad to hear that we during the last years all - taki have stirred up public structures, and this system of communications works, it really works. That there spoke, it really works, a question in its efficiency. But the personal civic stand is very important.

About what I wanted to tell? When I have called you before appointment to the post of the Representative by the rights of the child …

P.Astakhov: I very well remember this conversation.

D.Medvedev: And I well remember. We is valid people of close views, and the biography is in many respects similar, because lawyers, in general - a character warehouse defined. I looked at you and thought: Here what for it is necessary to it? . The provided person, with good communications, able to earn the money, in every respect claimed, and wants to be engaged in the big problem, one of the heaviest. Old men, children - the same really problem for any society, for any state. Same not a glamour theme as it is accepted to speak, she does not allow to shine daily.

you know, I want to tell to you that you absolutely precisely groped a correct way of the decision of these problems - you draw to them public attention. And of you began to be afraid. It is quite good, especially in the conditions of our country. It not simply arrival of any official close to the Kremlin or from the Kremlin, and arrival of the person which really is engaged in children.

I then have thought that frequently our former experience can is perfect on - to other as you have told, to fit in other conditions. And it is very good, it is a good example of that we can do, being even on other positions and being engaged in essentially other things. It seems to me, it is important. But it as an exchange of compliments.

P.Astakhov: Thanks.

T.Kandelaki: If it is possible, Dmitry Anatolevich. I all - taki want then to continue a theme, prejti is already direct to formation. Know, we do all - taki much, I consider, in our country for formation. But all the same, if to speak about communications channels, people very often do not trust. You have told that after last meeting read Tvitter, read other microblogs. You perfectly understand that in bad why - that is trusted much more, than in the good.

D.Medvedev: Psychological laws.

T.Kandelaki: Yes. If will allow, I want to tell some words concerning that, in my opinion, important occurs today in formation. And as it seems to me, what questions our council because, it seems to me if we find on them answers then formation reform will go much faster and much more effectively should lift.

you on Monday acted and said that reform of kindergartens goes not absolutely smoothly, and just has been much told that is material - the hardware of kindergartens and the salary of experts in this sphere are still far from the wished. You know, it seems to me that in conditions all - taki demographic lifting this theme becomes much more actual and important. I now will try to explain why.

Today it is necessary fairly as it seems to me, to tell, what not all teachers   are professionals of the highest level, not all pupils want to get education, and that the most important thing, not all entrants understand, what for it higher education.

you know, without stimulating a competition, I want to pay your attention to one parity - quantities of pupils to one teacher. You represent, at us one teacher learns nine pupils. To understand all horror from this figure, I to you will give an example Singapore. In Singapore one teacher trains 40 pupils, and as you know, the Singapore education system - one of the most effective education systems. There on five millions population - 350 schools, and efficiency from this formation are absolute another.

Here there is a President of Tatarstan, I was recently in Tatarstan, they very actively introduce the Singapore experience. I to you will result the following examples connected with a competition. They, for example, have an additional system of grants. For example, if to take system our new teacher - it gives six thousand roubles of the extra charge to the monthly salary of the teacher.

And speaking, let us assume, about discontent, I talk to the teacher, to it of 50 years, it is adult by sight the man, the teacher of Russian and the literature, he speaks to me: At us at school of 80 teachers, 11 of them grants have received . - I speak: Also what further? - He speaks: And we go and we think: And that we - that them have not received? Too we want . That is it turns out that strong, clever, capable and talented teachers of a competition at all are not afraid.

And thus, know, it is necessary to pay attention as it seems to me, on very important figure: at us of 85 percent of schoolboys after leaving school go to study in higher educational institutions. Study there, and then 50 percent therefrom leave and do not work on a speciality. There is a question: what they there do, what for they there study? You know, I have remembered one joke if will allow, I in its this circle all - taki will quote.

D.Medvedev: Give.

T.Kandelaki: It is the blonde who speaks: I print 450 words in a minute, but such hogwash turns out . At us now, unfortunately, with formation, it seems to me, it is possible to spend such analogy.

I want to tell that all is necessary - taki eventually proartikulirovat a state position: that it gives to citizens     free of charge also that it wants to receive in exchange. While we will not receive the answer to this question, we cannot tell, how it seems to me that - taki strong it is necessary to give all better a condition, and weak, fairly to tell that there will be that remains.

you know, I go on regions much and I want to tell to you that those teachers who do not want to compete more often are dissatisfied.

D.Medvedev: Certainly.

T.Kandelaki: And who wants to compete, are happy. They search for motivation system, search for grants, are ready to participate in programs which are offered them, and are ready to do it daily, improving the level and the status.

Still I want to pay attention to one thing if will allow. I have some offers on system improvement. If it is possible, I can them now proartikulirovat because it is important. It is connected with communications.

D.Medvedev: Proartikulirujte. (Laughter.)

T.Kandelaki: Thanks.

Know, we speak about fundamental transformations to all spheres of life. But today, as it seems to me, in formation we can use the most vanguard systems if you agree with me … We really spend today so much money for formation, how many never spent. Actually the consolidated budget is more than two trillions. Such never was.

Believe to me, absolutely easy it is possible to invite the best experts to this money, to give the best estimations by means of consultation of the leading world companies, intensively to introduce software decisions, but they already are today, which only - only have passed tests in laboratories. Actually there are communicative platforms which can unite all participants of educational process in a network, about what you speak.

How to check? You give the commission. Sometimes, whether the school it will be, whether the high school it will be, incorrectly masters money, not up to the end masters money, inefficiently masters money. And so, each of participants of educational process can be involved in this network, and thanks to it actually we will always have the return answer, feedback that the most important thing.

Finishing the performance, I want to put a main point as it seems to me which in formation on - former remains today opened. What concept of modern formation? It seems to me, we do not know the answer to this question, we do not know, whom we want to see in 10, 15, 20 years after the termination of higher educational institutions who these children, in what spheres they will work?

I am assured that if we will manage to find answers to these questions we, probably, will manage to solve one of the main problems. You know that in relation to leading world powers at us the highest percent of people with higher education. That is if to speak about workers with higher education is at us, and it is not always good.

I Hope to find among you people whom this theme interests who is ready to go, adopt actually a worth-while experiment in regions which at us is today, collecting the best both from regions, and from other countries, and thus creating a certain new national model of formation. Thanks big.

D.Medvedev: Thanks.

you know … (Laughter.) The good fellow, has shot, it is good, has lighted, normally. Especially when speak about formation, it becomes sometimes boring, but to us it was not now boring, especially after words about 450 in a minute and a full hogwash .

the Concept of modern formation. I not so understand, whether there is it in other countries? It seems to me that it there too is not present, because the society so quickly develops that hardly our rather pragmatic colleagues who are behind a hillock, create any separate concept of a development of education in Great Britain. But their difference from us consists that they already are on such degree of development when formation priorities in itself are already built also this system it is just necessary to optimise with reference to a new coil, let us assume, any public processes.

Our education system (and I perfectly know it because I all - taki have stayed in it many years, working at university), of course, combines absolutely unjoinable things - merits and demerits of the Soviet education system, certain new market approaches, the theory of that not to loosen public foundations, it is necessary almost all after school to send to study in universities therefore as, will be better to study let, than will walk the streets with posters or is even worse, not with posters, and with something another, let will better sit at universities. At what universities? Even it is not clear in what.

We now how many try to blind something from system of higher educational institutions, how many I push to it the Ministry of Education (they work, of course, I I do not want to rush in them stones), but at us a large quantity of universities which do not give any formation which discredit in general a rank of a higher educational institution.

- it is impossible to name that Their universities, but at the same time, speaking directly and frankly when I speak: whether It is possible to liquidate them? - to me speak: No, it is better not to do it, because a considerable quantity of our young men will be on the street, as they of will move, not clearly and so they are at least attached .

But after that these young men come and start to work in different places, and some places represent the raised public danger. All right, if they come to work on television … I do not joke at all. But if they come to work as lawyers or doctors, to me it becomes terrible. So?

T.Kandelaki: I am simple I can tell to you: at me the young company. When I employ such children, I can tell to you that I face the most important problem - they - that most of all and are dissatisfied, because do not appreciate that formation which they have received.

D.Medvedev: it is absolute. And as they have received it, we understand. Basically it or such universities in which to come - that strashnovato, or the second variant is a formation which turns out on a commercial basis, inexpensive (certainly, it not prestigious universities where there is a commercial branch) which they do not appreciate.

I remember that all it has begun in 90 - e years. Certainly, it happens not the last some years. I, working in Petersburg, being the practising lawyer and prosecuting any corporate subjects, already in the end of 90 - h years (and I was the teacher of faculty of law, and not any, but Sankt - the Petersburg university) has started to receive such experts who in the diploma had names of the universities unknown to me, and it began to strain me. Because at once there was a sensation of a huge discord between educational level, let us assume, from The Moscow university or the Petersburg university, or any other large university (them at us in the country all - taki enough) and here this new growth.

Now their quantity became even more, I repeatedly gave an example. When I finished faculty of law in Leningrad, at us was two educational institutions which prepared lawyers, is Sankt - the Petersburg state university (then Leningrad) and militia School. And when I left Petersburg to Moscow, them was already 50. Now, I do not know, how many. More than sixty. Whom they prepare, where then these people find of themselves application, than they are engaged - God knows. But it actually strongly strains me.

And coming back to about what you have told, I promised not to make comments, but all - taki again was not kept. Concerning the concept it is modern formations. I   It agree that we should have any model, but it is all - taki there should not be such paginal plan that to us to do, - we cannot create it. We should represent, we aspire to what model of formation taking into account our possibilities, here these two trillions 100 billion roubles which turn in an education sphere, and taking into account our most different habits and, of course, that understanding where we should appear in 5, 10, 15 years. Probably, these should be engaged, if we will win.

E.Bocherova: It is possible?

D.Medvedev: It is possible, please, tell.

E.Bocherova: To me it became insulting a little for young generation.

D.Medvedev: Is not present, we do not abuse young generation. Here not all pensioners.

E.Bocherova: My name is Elena Bocherova, I from a city of Lipetsk. Dmitry Anatolevich, I not Herman Gref and at all mister Krjukov. But some years ago I have incurred such duty (to me it especially nobody charged) - to develop youth business and to develop a business climate if want, in general in the country and among young men, in particular.

By the way, it has occurred after your approval. Thanks you for it. It was in 2007, it seems. You came to us in the status vitse - a premiere to Seliger, and I as the ordinary participant presented you the project. You then have told that would be good, that it worked for us, I as now remember it. I report. It works for us. We are helped very strongly by Federal agency on youth affairs, the Ministry of economic development.

We managed to reach actually very many. We have written a government program, it now works in 45 regions of Russia. And only in 2010 we managed to involve in this program of 50 thousand young children from all country, from its different corners, to train an order of 10 thousand children and from them already one and a half thousand steel businessmen. It not so is a lot of, but it and is a lot of.

D.Medvedev: it is a lot of, of course,

E.Bocharova: this year at us both the budget is increased, and regions became more, and geography wide. Certainly, we count on increase in indicators.

Dmitry Anatolevich, I want to tell to you many thanks that to me is possible to do that for me is really important, under those conditions which are created today. There is such statistics that 30 percent from all businessmen, in general from everything, are young men, but it only three percent from all young men.

D.Medvedev: Yes.

E.Bocharova: That is that capacity which is now at us and to finish this figure for 5 - 7 years to 10, and that to 13 percent is that purpose by which I was set, I will necessarily execute it.

If to you the opinion including such youth, enterprise youth is really important, and it is already a lot of them, of course, we with pleasure would join in this program. We do not absolutely agree that occurs now in the country is both taxes and tariffs.

Probably, it is not necessary now prohoditsja on all our painful zones, but youth, probably, on that and youth that besides that you are dissatisfied with something, at you still is huge burning desire something to do, change round itself and to create environment. Therefore we with pleasure will be connected to this activity if to you it is important.

D.Medvedev: Certainly, important. Thanks you the big that you have told. I have nothing to add, besides, about what I have already told: All hope of those who will work who will be initiative.

And if to speak about youth which carries on business, it seems to me, it just people who have already taken place. For them - that is not terrible, for them it is necessary to create simply more or less normal conditions, legislative, standard conditions, but as a whole it just not that part of youth which inspires, for example, fear to all of us. Success to you.

D.Medvedev: Please, Ivan.  

I.Zasursky: I would like to thank separately of you that you put efforts to changing style of dialogue with Byzantian to more informal. It is very pleasant, and I am very grateful. Though too it komplimentarno turns out, but I hope, it is pardonable in such context.

Too very much wanted to thank you that you put in the centre, in focus of attention a problem of feedback and power and society alienation, there is such problem. Actually not in all regions it in such absolutely started kind, I so understand that the further from Moscow, the worse, probably. For example, in Moscow now Sergey Semenovicha Sobjanina has a city portal, it on such technology that the government informs citizens on the plans. And it, of course, the big break in the sense that people really at least will the nobility when truth say that the government does something and so on.

But a problem that actually at us in the country so is not enough motivation to be engaged at people in such building of feedback that, unfortunately, and the centre of the competence sensible is not present. And questions the electronic government too basically are considered from top to down. That is the same system of complaints, for example, if it simply was opened if it was possible on the Internet on it to look, look, as they are classified, you know, at once all situation in Russia would be clearly.

Because, let us assume, in Kirov complain of it so much - that the person, every day ten complaints. Probably, this problem also is. And then it turns out that all Russia map can be in electronic form presented, and it will be possible to see very easy from the point of view of administrative problems as actually all occurs actually in a mode of real time. It is the first thing which I wanted to tell.

And the second, you know, idea the big government actually very correct though it criticise improbably because good nobody waits for anything, of course, on a habit basically. I wanted to set an example actually as it basically can work. Because there is one history which I will of a case know: you asked to prepare, as far as I know, offers of different people concerning that on to the twenty it would be possible to report on copyright reform.

D.Medvedev: Yes.

I.Zasursky: As - that separately, in parallel structures work, including me on different meetings called, discussions very interesting basically. But as we have not been assured of association the Internet - publishers that all will occur well, we have made secure, have united in the coordination centre in the Internet domain, with the technical centre the Internet. And on the basis of the Moscow State University have made the research under the copyright and have developed, to tell the truth, for you just in case, as the plan the project of the convention, we name it the Moscow convention under the copyright because we consider that it should be after Bern.

D.Medvedev: Thanks. After Geneva and Bern.

I.Zasursky: Yes, because it actually not a trick, and it not public relations, and it not a course. The matter is that, unfortunately, in many countries very big inertia of the business connected with this industry. Everywhere there are very strong lobbyists: in America - Disney, huge publishing houses or someone else. Unfortunately, any western politician cannot leave today basically, unfortunately, actually with this offer. And at the same time, if someone with it leaves …

D.Medvedev: I to you, Ivan, told or not? Me when I sounded this theme on to the eight which was in France, Cameron, and that, probably, by inexperience has supported only. It was more recently made by the prime minister - the minister. (Laughter.) And all the others kept silent or said that it is necessary to keep all as is, all is normal. There there were masters, so to say, both adult, and absolutely young. But nevertheless.

I.Zasursky: And actually, taking an opportunity, simply wanted to sound these ideas and to transfer you our reduced version of this research that you saw that our project of the convention is proved, it not simply any inventions. Why so, I consider, it should work the big government ? Because actually any structure has a formal logic. And the structure always is interested more in maintenance of an existing state of affairs, than in their change.

Accordingly, there should be channels on which people who have any ideas or initiatives, could leave with it because basically if not this meeting and if not your interest to this problem, I think that chances at such people as I basically to reach any such themes would not be.

D.Medvedev: Would like to tell to you that it not so, but it so. Chances would not be, if not certain interest. Thanks. I am very glad that at all of us - taki besides mutual recognitions that we help each other and we help the country, there is already a certain positive summons. And that Ooze spoke concerning the educational concept (it will be necessary - taki to look at its all), and that you have told that is called already the Moscow convention is already a certain contribution to our future teamwork, I hope.

And as regards all criticise that we do … Know, I am absolutely assured that the it will be more opened to conduct the power, and we, really, behave openly (I, anyway, I try to do it), the will criticise it is more. And the basic line of criticism will be stretched in a direction of that well (as usual speak), speak - that they well. And what occurs? What changes? Yes, he openly speaks about all these problems. But anything has not changed. We sit - we sit, we wait - we wait, when at last to us it becomes better. He something speaks, its environment, relatives, authorised representatives speak, and changes nothing. Means, all is wrong .

When I read it and when all of you it read, it seems to me, we should not put wings and complain that people are not ready, the people are not prepared. It all the same should not avert us from idea of forming of direct communications even if sometimes these communications deliver unpleasant emotions. I so arrive. I hope, as all the others as will arrive.

S.Minaev: Dmitry Anatolevich, I from komplimentarnosti would like to leave too. You have told one thing that presently it is possible to reach the rural chief and to the President. I these two categories would note, because it is more to anybody it is impossible to reach. We know that high-ranking officials and ministers … I am engaged in media, I will speak about new media and, actually, about tactics the big government about system the big government which as it seems to me, true.

you know that the big officials and ministers, except special interviews when them ask: And how at you there in department? - we are modernised . And how? - Innovatively . - And it as? - Here Tvitter . - It not Tvitter, it iPhon . - And there Tvitter inside . We know such examples and we know that half of officials and governors except kind night and kind morning also that the giraffe was born in a zoo, write nothing, and secretaries and hired agencies write. Because the fashion is, it is necessary to write.

it is simple this situation looks so that if we do not see responsible persons neither on screens of TVs, nor on the Internet, it reminds a public rumble, shooting by walnuts on the tank. That is something clicks, but all of them equally does not touch.

Therefore I think that the big government should function thus. We should be divided simply into any subcommittees (I am not so strong in a legal language, I not the lawyer) which will be segmented in directions and on regions. That is they will be responsible for a science, formation, economy, building, a mortgage.

D.Medvedev: I have told about it, subcommittees - is normal. The section sounds taking into account a known literary work is worse.

S.Minaev: Section zachistki.

D.Medvedev: Sections too can be.

S.Minaev: Accordingly, each section should have a responsible person, at which direct exit on the prime minister or the President. Because only in this case the official can be supervised, if he knows that to it the stick on a head will arrive then that is not simple it in Tvitter leaves and will tell: Know, it is very important that you have told, but we next March will discuss it, because now it is a lot of the actions connected with songs and dances .

Therefore it is necessary to do such vertical system where public committees will supervise actions of officials and to report on the big council on things which are not made also which it is impossible to make. It seems to me so.

D.Medvedev: it is absolute with it it agree. Moreover, in an opening address I have told that I consider idea of subcommittees and any structures in it the big government if we manage to create it, correct. And if to work, in those directions which are close to all of us. You are engaged in one processes, someone others. There are at us governors, mayors.

By the way, their presence here too is very useful, because all of them - taki and are those chiefs who supervise over these public processes. But here are present all - taki (one more compliment I will make) governors and mayors who think modern categories. It does not mean that at all of them it is ideal.

At them too full - it is full of problems, them criticise, some criticise mercilessly, accuse of all mortal sins, but they work. And for them, by the way, these new communication media are all - taki not not clear piece which to me have presented on birthday and which is beautifully poured when it you include.

But there is really big group of people, civil servants to which to reach more difficultly, than the President or to the head of rural administration and even to the governor. Whom do I mean? I do not want anybody to offend, but it so. They are the higher federal officials: ministers, heads of departments.

I had recently such episode which as - that to me was engraved in the memory. I have arrived to one of regions, it I will not name not to substitute the governor. It here is not present. Do not worry, to you I more often others come.

A.Tkachev: Yes.

D.Medvedev: Meal, sometimes I like to sweep, look, as there affairs. He nearby sits and speaks: Know, it is good that you at us, type, are - as usual. - thanks you big for our happy childhood and the future. But if it is serious (and it is the person the adult, to it for 60 years) earlier when I called to the minister, I (I then was not such head), - the first secretary obkoma or krajkoma am more exact not than party, the minister always otzvanival and if could not stop ringing it was done by the deputy minister . I, - speak, - I call to one minister known nowadays more known, than others, it never otzvanivaet. Never .

I now do not want anybody to abuse, I know, our ministers both present are how much loaded, and future will be very loaded, but you know, it is a full brothel. A full, absolute brothel. Heads of regions call, governors, and ministers or at heads of departments do not have not enough even forces them to stop ringing, and at least to the assistant to tell: That there it was necessary to you, Ivan Ivanovich when you called? . It means that all communications, even imperious communications are torn, I now do not speak about communications between usual citizens and ministers, imperious communications are not present.

Therefore in the future Government it is necessary to create not only communications with usual citizens, with representatives of public organisations, the unions, but also, sorry, simply to restore normal dialogue between various structures. To you always otzvanivajut ministers, tell to me on - fair?

A.Tkachev: Not all.

D.Medvedev: Not all. So it, forgive, All of you - taki rather popular governor and for you immense country - Krasnodar territory; Kuban, Tatarstan, probably, it is difficult to ignore Moscow. But there are regions less, and there it is less than people, and it is less than influence. Governors have already begun to smile, know, about what I speak. I am simple to that   imperious communications are torn even. Here that is sad. And it needs to be restored.

S.Minaev: Dmitry Anatolevich, and it is possible a question? Speaking about the future Government, and there can be an internal circular which would oblige federal ministers at least hour per month, hour, I speak, one hour per month to spend or on public … conferences or in a teleether? Because they do not go anywhere because it it nothing to tell or they simply do not want?

D.Medvedev: Is not present, you know, I think that it is absolutely normal statement of a question. They go, ministers, let`s not forget.

S.Minaev: On a current - show - never.

D.Medvedev: Is not present, in a current - show, no, they go to the State Duma. It is better, than any a current - show. (Laughter).

S.Minaev:   It - yes.

D.Medvedev: And moreover, in the same place all - taki is public slushanja. They come, they act, someone is more successful, something   less successfully, someone zanudno, someone with a spark. There it is possible to look at them. But, of course, look in the basic our colleagues - deputies.

As to a current - show, in general, on - fair, I of anything bad in it do not see, and in that ministers went on a current - show, and the main thing that they simply too have not played. You understand, because the person lives under the laws, it is necessary that all of them - taki were at business that is called. But basically, if they go on various public programs, anything bad in it is not present.

S.Minaev: not films will call Them to discuss, and, for example, there was any incident on transport, in your department, you should …

D.Medvedev: Let`s begin that simply many are afraid: in - the first, not that something you will tell, then on a head nadajut, and, in - the second, a word not a sparrow, as it is known, will take off, you will not catch. And in this sense they simply are afraid of reaction.

the Text is taken from a site the Kremlin .