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The Minister of Defence will check up all planes of the Sou - 24

the Representative of the Minister of Defence of Russia has informed that after accident in the Amur region a front bomber of the Sou - 24 decided to check up planes of this type on all country.

we Will remind that today in the Amur region during doctrines of strategic bombers was wrecked the Sou - 24. At landing the plane has taken off for limits take-off - a landing strip and has lighted up. Pilots had not time to catapult and were lost.

the Commander-in-chief of the Air Forces has instructed to spend in all air bases and military units careful land survey of planes of the Sou - 24 which are adopted - the interlocutor of RIA Novosti news agency has informed.  

Upon Sou wreck - 24 in the Amur region military investigatory department SK of the Russian Federation brings criminal case under article 351 of the criminal code of Russian Federation - Infringement of rules of flights or preparation for them . It is necessary to notice that this article provides till seven years of imprisonment.

the Decision on the termination of flights of the Sou - 24 Ministers of Defence yet did not begin.

the Inquiry

the First flight of the Sou - 24 has made on January, 17th, 1970. It is accepted on arms on February, 4th 1975. Was issued on Novosibirsk aircraft factory and KnAAPO. The Batch production of all updatings is stopped in 1993.

By data for 2009, in the Air Forces of Russia is about 300 Sous - 24 various updatings, from them 56 cars - in Navy aircraft.