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FTS and the Russian Railway have passed to electronic document circulation

To the middle of 2012 all necessary operations for export of the goods within the limits of the Customs union by rail will be carried out in electronic form that will allow to reduce time costs of business to 26 percent.

And in a year transition on electronics will reduce time for carrying out of operations on 30 - 35 percent.

Yesterday the head of Federal customs service Andrey Beljaninov and the vice-president of Russian Railway Salman Babayev have signed the documents defining development of electronic interaction between customs bodies and divisions of the Russian railways. There was it at the exhibition which has opened in Moscow Customs service - 2011 .

Beljaninov also has informed that FTS from the beginning of year has already collected in the budget of the country more than 4,5 trillion roubles. It for 4,2 percent more than for all 2010. In total for remained two and a half a month are necessary for collecting about one and a half trillions roubles. earlier planned targets on custom charges were in area of 5,4 trillion roubles for 2011. But after the decision on equation of the budget the figure comes nearer to six trillions roubles - head FTS has noted.

As to an exhibition it passes already in the twelfth time. Its organizers notice that this year the great number of foreign delegations, them too twelve is observed. the exhibition is interesting not only to customs structures, but also business. However, and the ordinary person can receive enough valuable representations about the mechanism of export relations - the general director of bureau of customs and tariffs of the Ministry of Finance of Japan has noted in interview Atsuo Sibota. It agree with the colleague and David Agiler, a deputy head of customs and a frontier service of the USA. The main thing for FTS Russia and the American customs at an exhibition is an exchange of ideas. I consider that customs structures and business should come to bolshemu to understanding each other to provide efficiency and safety of world transportations - has underlined Agiler.

On the area of the exposition occupying more of 7 thousand of square metres, it is presented over 100 exhibitors, among which also structural divisions FTS of Russia, the Russian and foreign companies - participants of foreign trade activities: customs representatives, carriers, owners of warehouses of time storage and customs warehouses, the companies which are engaged in logistics, building and rendering other services at foreign trade realisation. So at the stand of the Central customs office in a mode on - line passage by the car of customs procedures directly in a check point, including tool and documentary control, work of an operational hall and the centre of electronic declaring connected with it is shown. And at the stand of the Central excise customs work by definition of percentage of metals in jewels, and also the detector is shown, allowing to define authenticity of precious and semiprecious minerals. Has interested visitors and the complete set of means the Pilot - a set of devices with a videocamera and the portable monitor on a sliding bar which allows to prospect subjects in hard-to-reach spots, for example, in salons of planes, a compartment of trains.

But the exhibition is also an exchange of opinions. The international experts also have noted advantages of the Customs union of Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus.

The union is useful to all three countries. After removal of barriers, like transport and customs control, goods turnover between Russia and Belarus has increased approximately by 50 percent from the beginning of 2011, - the chairman of the State customs committee of Byelorussia Alexander Shpilevsky has noted. Also has added: - the Main thing that have achieved creation of the Customs union is a free territory for transportations from Brest to Astana . I Hope that soon the union of three countries becomes powerful force on the European arena - has added Shpilevsky.

it is necessary to add that the Customs union was created within the limits of World Customs Organization. And, as the assistant to the secretary general of WTO Serhio Muhika, " has noted; the problems arising before the Customs union of three countries, it is possible to solve only together. In particular, it is contraband. Therefore we are aimed at cooperation . On what head FTS Andrey Beljaninov has noticed that considers palochnuju system on contraband incorrect. hardly by quantity got administrative or criminal cases it is possible to judge quality of work of customs. Would be more correct to look, how many the domestic budget has received less from - for import of the illegal goods - Beljaninov has told. By the way, with creation of the Customs union the list of illegally imported goods strongly has not changed - basically this all the same home appliances, alcohol and cigarettes, representatives FTS have noted.