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Lipetsk experts dream to have the same technics as in a serial the Trace

Going on a meeting with experts, expected that me on a scene proofs at once take to collect. But, as the head ekspertno - kriminalisticheskogo centre UMVD of the Russian Federation across the Lipetsk region Sergey Hripunkov, work of experts of the centre generally room has explained to me.  

- Our problem to withdraw and investigate traces and whenever possible to give the information - who was able to do it, - he has smiled. - expert activity does not mean bustle and vanity as show at cinema. For this purpose there are operative employees, inspectors, investigators. And we work with material evidences in an office, laboratory where there is a special equipment, access to databases, reference books.

Me have employed in department of examination of materials, substances and products and narcotics. To be exact - in laboratory of a gas chromatography. The interior here sharply differs from habitual conditions of militian offices. Employees in white dressing gowns, in a corner cylinders with compressed or szhizhennym gas, on tables microscopes, the most complicated equipment for chemical analyses - all it reminds a medical office more. With that only difference that on a floor everywhere huge bags with veshchdokami. As it is then found out - with drugs.

In a role of my tutor Lyudmila Zhdanova has agreed to act the senior lieutenant of police. By training - the chemist. Here it investigates substances about the maintenance of narcotics, and also gorjuche - lubricants - either reveals counterfeits, or defines - whether ignition was spontaneous or it there was an arson. Now its problem - to investigate the withdrawn hemp about the maintenance of narcotic substances.

Tests for the analysis it is put in the special device - gas hromatograf. Here the substance heats up, as in an oven, to the necessary temperature and breaks up to flying components which then are analyzed by means of detectors. Hromatogramma it is deduced on the computer monitor. To the simple inhabitant not to understand that mean columns of figures and letters. Over their decoding laborious work is necessary to experts. And result of examination inspectors wait within days.

Dream of experts - to have the same technics which have them colleagues in the well-known serial the Trace . On a TV screen employees of invented structure FES have received at once listing of results - that it for substance, up to where this grass grew.

- But while such equipment have not invented, - Lyudmila Zhdanova smiles.

However, experts EKTS do not complain of the technics. Is at their order and the unique equipment. For example, an electronic microscope with which help it is possible to make out even traces of products of a shot on clothes. By the way, such microscopes in system UMVD across all Russia only six.

In Lipetsk ekspertno - kriminalisticheskom the centre 47 persons work. Juridical education is welcomed, but as it has appeared, - it is not obligatory. And here base profile - it is necessary. Narrow experts - chemists, physicists, technologists, engineers Here come to work.

- Basically, we spend all kinds of examinations, - Sergey Hripunkov tells. - Pocherkovedchesky, ballistic, dactyloscopic, tehniko - kriminalisticheskuju, fonoskopicheskuju... We are not engaged only genetic, and it would be desirable. During the current year there was very big growth on carrying out of examinations of narcotics. There is a growth on tehniko - kriminalisticheskoj to examination which investigates denominations about conformity to their state signs or reveals forging of documents (for example, the seals). Affairs much on products of shots, research spirtosoderzhashchej liquids, the examinations connected with metals.

Is ekspertno - kriminalisticheskie divisions and in territorial departments of police which work directly on a scene. About them policemen among themselves speak - work on the earth . One of them - the senior expert, the major of police Oleg Nemtsev. One of these days after participation in the All-Russia competition of professional skill among employees ekspertno - kriminalisticheskih divisions of law-enforcement bodies of the Russian Federation along with all finalists has been recognised the best by a trade.

On a post of the technician - the criminalist Oleg Nemtsev has come to right-bank department of militia 15 years ago, right after armies. Has the admission at once to several kinds of traditional examinations - a cold steel, dactyloscopic, ballistic, tehniko - kriminalisticheskoj.

- Surveys happen different, - he tells. - since cable theft on a roof and finishing more grave crimes. On each crime a problem of the expert - to find out, withdraw and fulfil the information. Thus to find traces on a murder place frequently happens easier, rather than to fulfil usual theft.

Is at Oleg Nemtseva and own trade secret.

- the Golden rule of the expert - you want to find traces, put yourself to the place of the criminal, - he speaks.

Cases from life remember everyones. For example, once investigated murder of the woman. On a knife there was a fingerprint which did not belong to any suspect with which the consequence originally worked. When on this print have established the person, it has appeared that it at all did not come into the view of field investigators. Subsequently it has appeared that this man and has killed the woman. Remember also one more history. In Lipetsk mother, the father and them 16 - the summer daughter have been killed. Versions were different, but truth has appeared shocking. The murderer have found on a trace krossovki, the blood printed in a pool. It has appeared that the sister and parents was killed by own son. On a question: What for it has made it? has cynically answered: They have got me .

However, Lipetsk experts opened crimes not only on traces of fingers, footwear, but also on... To lips. Once to Lipetsk guards the man has addressed and has told that has got acquainted with the girl, has drunk with it of champagne and has fainted. When has regained consciousness, the girl any more was not, and together with it its money and valuable things were gone. After the made examination it was found out that the guest poured to it in champagne clonidine. Have found for the lover of adventures on traces of the fingers left it on a glass. The print of lips left the woman of easy virtue on a scene of crime became one more proof. Later it was found out that the lady was engaged similar and in other regions.

Experts say that to them very much would help with work if the uniform base of dactyloscopy on each citizen has been created. Now those who passes on administrative and to criminal cases, as a rule, get to this base only.

- In many countries abroad fingerprints at citizens remove at reception of documents, - Oleg Nemtsev speaks. - the given bases are important not so much that it was easier to us to search for criminals. One of directions of our work - identification of missing persons. And one of ways to make it - to establish the person on fingerprints of hands.