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Tenants of a high-rise building in Rybinsk had to repair a roof at own expense

On a non-standard step - repair on own means - tenants have dared, the charter to pester a management company.

Today in the house 195 on the Volga quay in Rybinsk unusually chilly. Smudges on staircases, of course, still remained, and in apartments on the fifth and fourth floors - too, but the majority of tenants of the house of them have hastened to get rid, as soon as in a roof there were no holes.

However the pleasure of people has turned out with taste of bitterness - for dry ceilings they have paid not five percent as would be in case of house hit in the repair program on means of Fund of assistance to housing and communal services reforming, and all 100.

- We of years six wrote applications in REU, then in a management company that to us have repaired a proceeding roof, - the head of the house Alexander Dmitrys tells. - but received only formal replies. That was not means for repair of our roof to us promised to include the house in the repair program on Fund means, yes and have not included, have deceived.

And the old roof (the house - 1963 of construction) meanwhile proceeded so that walls, according to tenants, got wet to the third floor. And the next autumn people waited with horror.

At last, the charter to contemplate powerlessness of the management company, tenants 195 - go houses have gathered for a descent in the last summer and have decided a house manager to change. Have solved - have made, having passed since June, 1st under home nursing another UK, with more reliable reputation.

But as relations UK and tenants of the newcomer under its management of the house began with a blank leaf, one variant of a fast solution of a problem - roof repair on own account, but with instalments for a year has been offered people only.

There is nothing - it was necessary to agree.

comparison of figures Has served its purpose also. As Alexander Dmitrys, in a former management company tells, preparing the house for its inclusion in the program of major repairs on means from Fund of assistance for housing and communal services reforming, the estimate on roof repair have made on 1 million 200 thousand roubles. And here have kept within in 625 thousand.

in the Summer a roof on old pjatietazhke have changed, and in September to its tenants receipts with a new line " have come; Major repairs . Many inhabitants of the house, especially elderly, despite all arrangements about 100 - percentage financing of works, it first povergla in shock: owners of three-room apartments should lay out now on 10818 roubles, two-room - on 8483, one-room - on five thousand roubles with superfluous.

is a total sum which tenants should pay for roof repair, - the director of a management company " has explained; ZHKU Vladimir Dogadin. - They can pay it within a year - in parts. And they can define the size of parts. In special cases we are ready to stretch payment term and till two years.

In UK admit that, having chosen such variant of a solution of a problem of leakings, the company too has run risks: the probability that everything will pay as a result not, exists. Besides, for municipal apartments which percent in the house twenty, the city should pay, and for located on the ground floor of the house the centre of social service of the population - Rybinsk area. But while these expenditure will be brought in budgets, too will pass a lot of time. And works are made, to the contractor money is paid …

People are excited, however, with another.

- To our house almost fifty years, but repair here did not do never, and after all we pay every month the round sum on repair and the house maintenance, - tenants pjatietazhki are revolted. - Yes for this money our roof not once could be changed!

On what kommunalshchiki answer that this money is intended for carrying out of operating repairs, instead of capital, and gathers them is tears .

- the Director of a management company, whence we have left, assured that our house in a year collects on repair of 50 thousand roubles. How it can be, if I one monthly to crying on the maintenance and repair am more than 800 roubles? - Alexander Dmitrys is perplexed. - even if this sum to halve, a part having postponed for the maintenance, all the same the sum will turn out impressive.

to Find out, where the money raised for much years, - a problem almost impracticable has left today. When - that all of them gathered in one copper (city or poselkovyj) and on them were made which - what repairs in houses, it has been then solved the means collected from tenants of one house, to accumulate separately and to spend for repair only this concrete house. However, and then repairs the few have waited. After transformation REU to management companies the history of mutual relations with kommunalshchikami for many has begun practically anew. And that was - bylem poroslo …

Today the state has obliged management companies to report to the population. And in written form. And it should guide at last in this sphere though any order.

- Much depends now on activity of people, - Vladimir Dogadin considers. - After all if I will ask to give you to me one thousand roubles, you ask, what for it to me. And from people for years raise money, but who is rare really actively is interested, on what they are spent. The proprietor first of all itself should concern responsibly those means which it pays under accounts, and to wish to know, on what they are spent. Otherwise he and will pay it not known for what.

On a note

Want to learn, how the management company spends your means? Experts of regional department housing - municipal services offer the following algorithm of actions:

1. To address in the operating organisation. Here to proprietors of habitation are obliged to give the information on the basic indicators financially - economic activities, about an order, conditions of rendering and cost of services in the maintenance and repair of the general property in houses. Also in an easy approach there should be data on performance of obligations under contracts with resursosnabzhajushchimi the organisations, the information on the prices (tariffs) for resources and utilities.

2. If the received information did not suit you, address in local governments. In the event that the operating organisation regularly does not carry out the duties, the local government has the right to call meeting of proprietors of premises for the decision of questions on cancellation of the contract with such operating organisation and about a choice of the new operating organisation. References of inhabitants on quality of rendering housing - utilities by the operating organisation also are considered by the State housing inspection, and the questions connected with inwardness of the house, - management of Federal Agency of supervision in sphere of protection of the rights of consumers and well-being of the person (Rospotrebnadzora).

3. The following instance - regional Office of Public Prosecutor. Here protect legitimate rights of citizens, including - the right to reception of qualitative service from the housing and communal services organisations.

4. If all listed bodies have not solved a problem question, it is possible to bring an action the claim. To address there follows, having documentary confirmed arguments.